In March, actually on the weekend of both us Mama’s birthdays, I had the honor of getting to photograph this beautiful Mother & Daughter pair!

THIS is Meghan & Bre…

Meghan is a seriously busy & dedicated working mom, though I think that is quite an understatement! Superwoman might be a better description?! She is a Clinical Research Specialist/Medical Ethics at Duke University; she is also interning at Transitions LifeCare Kids to complete her Clinical Mental Heath Counseling Internship; AND she is CEO & Founder of Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation!!! Then she’s still an amazing wife & mom to two pretty cool kids on top of it all! I get to see Meghan most every weekend (ok, when I’m not at the studio with the rest of y’all 😉 ) at our daughter’s dance classes. She is always present, prepared for the days activities as she runs from one to the next, cheering her babies on and even juggling some of the above work in such a way that it doesn’t affect them. No idea how she does it all… let alone how she does it all so gracefully, looking fabulous & in control! As you can probably imagine, like many Mama’s… so very humble… there is no convincing her of how extraordinary she is & how fabulous she is doing; or helping her not worry that she’s even doing good enough. But she truly is an INSPIRATION that is absolutely ROCKIN the strong workin’ Mama thing!

Bre is the most precious & delightfully unique lil’ spitfire you could imagine meeting! She loves dancing at Carolina Dance Center – knocking out 3 classes every Saturday morning even! And she is such a sweet free spirit… she has a style all her own, often changing it out between each & every class! (even more props to Meghan for all that laundry that she smiles through because it’s so adorable); you can usually find her with color streaks that she totally rocks in her hair; she’s friendly with all the kids that are around, brings a huge bag full of toys to share between classes and is truly caring & thoughtful of those around her. My daughter is honestly considerably more reserved & shy around others but there was something so magical about both Bre & her mama that the very day we met them she was cutting up & being a ham, horsing around having fun immediately… and ever since! To me… that says quite a bit about the incredible type personalities that they have!!

I’m so pleased to have Meghan, as well as her precious mother/daughter relationship with Bre #existinportraits ! And I am forever thankful for their friendship!! I hope that I was able to capture even a piece of the love, compassion & kindness that they both live their lives exuding and that these are memories they will treasure forever. For today, may each of you enjoy them and let them bring a smile to your face as well… 



Be sure to also check out their Session Video!!

Special thanks to Jessica Davis of Awakened Beauty for the gals awesome Hair & Make-up! And seriuos props to the amazing Hustle Kindness program for the One of a Kind tees and for the movement & message they are working to spread!

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