JMP #existinportraits Contest 2016


Who’s ready to #existinportraits?! How about a contest to do just that in a Session with us?!!!

In the early stages of Jen Mink Photography, I discovered with all my heart that I wanted to capture my peers! THIS is what I was made to do! Reminding busy women like myself who are always on the go with life, exactly how beautiful & fabulous THEY still are! Whether a working mama, always on the go & keeping up with everyone else; an awesomely single gal, standing on her own; a newly divorced or widowed woman finding her new world & strength; or so many other variations of what these years of womanhood look like! We want to see YOU captured too!

My #existinportraits moment as captured by the amazing, Sue Bryce (Spring 2015)
My #existinportraits moment as captured by the amazing, Sue Bryce (Spring 2015)

As time has gone on though, I have continually heard comments to the effect of “oh, I just want images of my children, no one needs portraits of me!” and “I hope people don’t think I’m egotistical to be doing this”, etc, etc! Well, I’m here to tell you… NO M’am! No, no, uh uhh, NOPE! I don’t think any person that loves & cares about you would think that having your portraits done is egotistical… in fact, I would hope they would encourage & cheer it on, knowing how empowering it is for the you they love so much! And as much as those of us with kiddos, of course, love & adore portraits of our sweet babies… THEY want & NEED portraits of us! Those of you that have been following me for a while now know that I have been blessed, not once but twice now, with my portraits being done by the incredible Sue Bryce (you can click here to see some of my first experience on her blog). This experience changed my already strong view on the topic from one of ‘do as I say, not as I do’, to in fact having first hand knowledge of what it means to #existinportraits (as Sue encourages & inspires!). My daughter squealed in delight when she saw my portraits and my heart filled with pride knowing that for the rest of her life, the rest of our families & that of our future generations… she & they will always have portraits that show ME. Not the tired, exhausted, mama tuff-in’ running around mama that once in a while gets caught in a candid, if at all (and it’s good to exist in those day to day realities as well!). True ‘portraits’… invested in with intent, time & effort, looking ones best and head held high. Portraits that she can look to & say “WOW! That’s MY mom! Look what a beautiful, strong, confident, happy woman she is! I want to be like that!”. What a priceless gift!

This year, we have finally gotten to celebrate a few beautiful woman in their 40’s & 50’s and so want to see this openness to being captured continue growing. So… we thought we’d have a contest to encourage exactly that! Time to celebrate YOU!…

It’s time to #existinportraits ladies!!

If you are at least 30 & interested in having an opportunity for us to capture all the beauty & fabulousness we see in you… Complete the entry form below by Sunday, July 24th 2016. The winner will be announced by August 1st and will receive a voucher for an individual session with us, INCLUDING professional hair & make-up services and $100 credit toward your purchases!

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