Y’all may remember our fabulous Class of 2017 Fab Grad Spokesmodel, Kylie… we are so pleased to now introduce you to her mother, Alycia and our glimpse into the oh so awesome relationship they share!

When we did Kylie’s Fab Grad sess last year, these gals selected our top collection which comes with a voucher for a Mother/Daughter Session, Hair & Make-up included! My clients know by now that I will do what I have to do to get Mama’s in front of the camera too… even if that means giving it away with their daughter’s images!! Because as much as you want images of your sweet child; your child(ren) very, very much need portraits of YOU! This is something I’m extremely passionate about and am so pleased when I have a client that embraces it! I couldn’t wait for this session to take place.

Alycia & Kylie’s session began in studio with beautiful classic black backdrop & dresses! Oh, and of course, Alycia’s fabulous shoes. They were both awesome with their glamorous & classic sides but you’ll see way down below… we also had lotsa fun & silliness behind the scenes around these shots!! Their main vision for this session, however, was their love of urban environments & the downtown murals. So the gals got comfy in their more casual & soft sides and we headed out! We started with this super cool wall at Breuggers Bagels on Wade Ave near Meredith College where Kylie would be headed this fall (& is now AT!). The peaches & blue’s were especially nice for the Florida girl in Alycia… I love that you can totally see it! Though it didn’t have a mural, we grabbed an awesome alleyway for a few shots and then drove around some more. We struggled with most of the spots we wanted having cars parked in front of them, it was getting brighter & brighter out and then we found Vita Vite!!! A fabulous art gallery wine bar with a cozy outdoor lounge in the most perfect colors! We all fell in love and were thrilled when they said we could shoot out there. It was the most perfect way to wrap up this session… the gals relaxed & kidded around & were so fabulously, naturally themselves!


And a few more outtakes from the 1st part of the session because these two are just SO adorable!!!…

Thanks so much to Denise Hutter, Images by Denise for Alycia & Kylie’s awesome Hair & Makeup! My awesome friend & peer, Elaine Bryant of Windmill Photography for helping out behind the scenes! And, of course… Vita Vite for the perfect ending to our morning… we’ll each be back for sure!

If you haven’t seen their video yet, you can catch that on our YouTube channel!

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