I am so very excited to introduce y’all to our my incredibly fabulous Class of 2019 Fab Grad Spokesmodels!


The Fab Grad Spokesmodel program is one that is so very near & dear to my heart. This is our 4th round and oh how I grow to adore these girls and their families very quickly… and for keeps!

Each of the girls you see here has gone through a multistep selection process from application to interview… to dealing with all my preparation steps! Having someone represent me, my brand, my business, my art… is something I take very seriously. Each of these girls are rather different from each other in such wonderfully unique ways, however, they all share that they are someone I am SO very proud to have represent all of the above!!! Over the coming weeks & months, I’ll introduce each of them to you in more detail… one by one.

Our Group Session… Vanity Fair Style!

Every year we do this program we mix up the theme to something different. This year is my 5 year anniversary of Jen Mink Photography, as well as having just moved into my first official studio space. I wanted to celebrate those things and do something ‘in studio’ & fancy this time! My story has been greatly influenced by my photographer, mentor & friend, Sue Bryce… so it only seemed natural to go with a very her style Vanity Fair theme, right down to the “Sue Bryce Gold” backdrop that was special ordered for this! The girls were thrilled when they heard this years theme and we had lots of fun finding just the right dress and style for each girl.

This year we went all out with 3 fabulous Hair & Make-up Artists, Denise Hutter of Images by Denise , Deidre Mattingly of Makeup and More. by Deidre Mattingly and Jessica Davis of Awakened Beauty! We were also assisted by Class of 2015 Spokesmodel, Ashley Keefe, and another awesome Longleaf School of the Arts photography student, Meredith Glover! So very thankful for each & every one of them and what they brought to this experience!!

Our Special Guest Cameo…

Sticking with tradition, my Lizzy got her cameo with the girls. I don’t allow her to come on client’s paid sessions, however, it’s always been important for me that she see both that Mama is able to be a successful business woman; and also that she have opportunity to get to know these wonderful role models! As one of the things I think to myself when considering the girls is, ‘is this someone I’d want Lizzy to look up to?’. So… she gets to partake in this session each year, complete with coordinating outfit! As always… she clicked with them pretty quickly and had a blast being a part of the day!

After the formal stuff…

Being comfortable and having fun with each other is a key part to sessions being successful, and to me, a big part of this program. The relationships these girls find in each other is also quite special. So, after we got done with the big session, we took some time to have a little fun outside in comfy jeans & JMP tees!


Be sure to follow along with us in the coming weeks and learn more about each of these girls individually!! And… of course… if you’re a rising High School Senior or know one needing their Senior Portraits – we are now booking these for the Class of 2019! If you go to school with or know Calli, Charlie, Delaney, Hannah, Sophie or Sydney… stop & say ‘HI!’ to them… grab one of their rep cards (you’ll be glad you did – they have a discount for your session on them too!)

CONGRATULATIONS, Girls… I am SO EXCITED to have each of you on my team this year!!!!! Thanks for your genuine interest, commitment & personal investment in Jen Mink Photography!

The girls video for those who haven’t caught it yet:


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