Here’s our next Class of 2019 Fab Grad Spokesmodel Spotlight… Hannah! She is from Johnston County Early College Academy and I’m SO excited to share more about her with you…

Hannah found us simply scrolling through Instagram… she checked out our work and new this was an opportunity she would really enjoy being a part of! So, she applied – YAY us!!!! She describes herself as optimistic, motivated and dynamic… all among reasons on the list of why we simply had to accept her! What people first notice about her before even getting to find out all the amazing depth that there is, would be how happy she always is. She is ‘happy, blessed, and thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I laugh because I am happy and I smile because I feel great and would like for everyone else that is around me to feel as great as I do.”… taking the bumps and hurdles that come along with life in stride through a self-kindness and “I am only human” attitude. Hannah’s group of friends are very diverse, genuine and fashionable; with very great senses of humor and who love to talk & have fun. Like herself (you’ll see below 😉 ), these friends are all very goal-oriented with excellent time-management skills which allows both completing all the responsibilities she takes on, as well as having fun knowing they are completed… an awesome reality. My favorite part of what she shared about her friendships is that they believe that everybody matters and is a loved & beautiful soul; that they try to bring up other females whenever they can, realizing that you never know when someone is in need of encouragement & uplifting.

Hannah was accepted into Johnston County Early College Academy in the Fall of 2015, and it is one of her proudest accomplishments! She drives around 45 minutes to her school campus, where she was chosen as 1 of only 49 other students in the county to study. She has a very focused drive to be the best, and constantly better than who she was the day before! Hannah loves having the opportunity through this school to ‘learn differently, learn to innovate, surround herself with like-minded peers and challenge herself’. Achieving her acceptance to this school has helped teach her that she can have the hope & motivation needed to achieve any and all other goals she desires for herself! What does such a driven scholar do for fun?! She loves make-up… experimenting with styles, learning about products and having fun with it. She has a love for painting but understandably not so much time for it, so she has found much more timely enjoyment in taking pictures that she then shares on social media. She’s grounded even in this area though, as she doesn’t rely on other’s external views to determine her value; often even turns off commenting all together. Could there possibly be more?! YEP… buckle up, there’s lots more to this young lady!! She’s athletic too… Hannah loves running and was on track in middle school. Taekwondo has been a continuous part of her life for 6 years now though. She is a first degree black belt with many championship medals, 1st & 2nd place trophies earned! She is also a member of the Varsity Basketball Dance/Cheerleading Squad at Johnston Community College (an accomplishment achieved with no former training!). She tutors 6th graders at The Innovation Academy, believing that younger students need great mentors and role models so that they may become the face of our future and better America as a whole. Hannah takes part in the JoCo Teen Drivers Club, The NSLS Society (National Society of Leadership and Success) and was also invited to join Phi Theta Kappa too! The list goes on and on in a continuous stream of impressiveness!

What honestly impressed & moved me as much as all of the above though… she is handling her dream session and keepsakes from it on her own. That’s right… SHE works in addition to all her other commitments & accomplishments and diligently makes payments toward this that she knows to be valuable to her. So often I hear that someone can’t afford this, their parents can’t, whatever the case may be (usually followed by a story about their upcoming trip to x, y or z 😉 ). However, I have always been ‘taught’ that anyone can afford what they truly value & prioritize. Hannah is evidence of this being true! While it’s, of course, totally 100% fine to value & prioritize something else… Hannah truly values & prioritizes this and I appreciate that more than words can express. She gets the value of preserving this stage of her life in portraits that she can be proud of, portraits that may be handed down for generations to come, portraits that will be around to enjoy as other things come & go; she gets the value of choosing someone she has researched and trusts to provide the level & style she desires; she gets the value of allowing herself this experience itself to enjoy and be a memory of it’s own. And she has chosen to take it on herself. THAT showed me first hand what a mature, responsible, dedicated, driven young lady she is… that she is someone that will go far in life, no – not because she hired me or because she gets what I do & how I do it, but because of how she looks at things and handles them. I’m just so incredibly blown away and proud to have her in my group of girls, I can’t even begin to tell y’all!!!


When asked about her experience with the program so far, here’s what Hannah had to say…

  • What appeals to her about Jen’s work/style… “… When I was looking through Jen Mink Photography’s past photo galleries on the website, I was very pleased with her work because of how she was able to capture each and every photo. In each photograph, none of them looked as though the individuals were uncomfortable, their smiles did not seem forced, and it looked as though everyone was truly enjoying the photoshoot and just having fun with it. The work does not look overly photoshopped or with too much filter and it looks as though each photograph was captured with the intent to emphasize the already great features of the individual in the photograph. Each photo makes me feel as though they are standing right in front of me and you can really see the personality and individuality of each and every person that was photographed. In simpler terms, she was definitely able to bring out the fabulousness within everybody and I feel that she was definitely able to make that possible by getting to know everybody and who they really are so that she could aid them in finding and enhancing it…”
  • Favorite part of working with Jen & team… “My favorite part of working with Jen/JMP team was being able to meet new people and create relationships with such unique and genuine individuals that I may not have been able to have the opportunity to meet otherwise. It was great being able to work with such a diverse group and see how Jen was able to put together something uniform for us all to shine individually but also as a group in her shots.”
  • Why her peers should come to Jen for their portraits… “You will develop such a great relationship with your photographer on such a personal level that will be evident in the shots that she will take of you. Her studio has good vibes and has a cute and artsy overall presentation and atmosphere that most other studios do not necessarily have. She knows exactly how to get the perfect shot of you and surprise you with what she was able to put together after the session. “
  • What she appreciated about her already completed 1:1 session (stay tuned for those VERY soon!)… “I am definitely looking forward to being able to feel and look fabulous in the location of my choice and see the best of me getting brought out in each and every picture taken by Jen. I am looking forward to my ideal session vision getting turned into a reality and pictures to prove that it happened. “



Fun & Fab Scoop on Hannah’s FAV things:

Hannah with be graduating with not just a high school diploma, but also an associates degree in science!! Already quite ambitious, driven… and successful, her future aspirations include attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her bachelor’s and to complete her pre-requisites for medical school. With a love for both Biology and Chemistry, she has taken great care in her plan to enter ‘undecided’, allowing her to explore both and attending classes she enjoys! Her medical school dreams also reside at UNC, where she will train to become a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist! When not in school, she dreams through travel guides – finding inspiration through what others share of their explorations on the internet. When a place worth visiting comes up, she writes it in her diary for safe keeping and dreaming, including the things to see and eat while there. Her dream destination is to the Maldives… relaxing & drinking smoothies as she tans in the ‘suns rays in such a beautiful and peaceful location’; evening swimming in the bioluminescent waves under the starry night; creating once in a lifetime memories with friends & family… and of course, sharing her story on Instagram. 

I adore Hannah so very much… and goodness, am I SO very inspired by her!! Her foresight, planning and ambition at this age is incomparable, and without a doubt… she WILL achieve every single thing she aims to! Stay tuned in the coming months for her individual session – she has a vision that is detailed right on down to the style of brows, brand of lashes, ETC (my kinda gal!)!!!!…



If you see Hannah at school or around town, don’t miss the opportunity to take a moment to chat with her… you will surely find yourself feeling inspired! Feel free to reach out to her or myself if interested in getting your own Fab Grad (Senior) Portrait Session booked! She even has 10% discount off your commission fee to share… BONUS!! 😀

Special Thanks & Credits…
Hair & Make-up: Deidre Mattingly / Make up & More . by Deidre Mattingly
Locations: The Jen Mink Photography Studio, Raleigh
Dress: Amazon
Additional Thanks: Ashley Keefe & Meredith Glover

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