Fab Grad VIP… Sophie! Our talented & super strong Class of 2019 Leesville Road High School student!

Sophie is one of our wonderful Class of 2019 Fab Grad Spokesmodels. As a result, you may already know lots about her from her Fab Grad Spokesmodel Feature Blog (& if not, be sure to click & go check that out too!). This session, however, THIS is her 1:1 session. This is where we capture who she is & how she dreams of being portrayed… how she & her family wishes to remember this special time in her life!

Sophie went with a VIP Fab Grad session, capturing 4 looks across 3 VERY different sides of her. My talented hair & make-up artist, Deidre Mattingly met us at the studio to get her initially prepped and then we went on location… The North Carolina Museum of Art… the most perfect spot to set the scene for the awesome variety Sophie has in this sess! It was an insanely bright AND windy day but we all worked together as a team & rocked it out! Her first two looks are her every day, cool school chick… casual, relaxed & fun vibes. We hung out on and around rocks & stones; framed by architectural delights & by trees; and found smiles with some sweet lady bugs amongst the tall fields. We simply HAD to capture Sophie in her karate element… this is the side of her that I knew first and as you read in her previous blog, sought her out through. This is the strong, determined & super hard working side of this gal! I mean, seriously – how many high school girls do you know that are black belts?! The big open fields & giant circle art of the Gyre was the ideal area to capture this look. Room for her to kick & jump to her hearts content! Then… we have the glam side… her prom dress! Yep, that’s the same gown she wore in the Spokesmodel Sess, except this one is her very own… she loved it & it was so perfectly her that they bought their own! And how stunning was it surrounded by the museum & reflected in the Rodin Garden pond? Breathtaking!

Fun fact… Sophie’s prom was literally the night before our VERY early morning sess! Just wait till you see how fabulous she looks in these images below – you’d never know it! Each of these images makes me smile for different reasons, I hope you’ll enjoy them too…

Thanks SO much to Deidre Mattingly, MUA for Sophie’s perfectly her, Hair & Make-up! And my dear original Fab Grad, Ashley Keefe, for assisting & capturing the behind the scenes moments for us!

Check out Sophie’s session highlights video, including fun behind the scenes on our YouTube channel!

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