Fab Grad VIP… Delaney! Our Class of 2019 Asheboro High School Senior full of heart & charm!

You’ll recognize ‘D’ from her Fab Grad Spokesmodel Feature Blog where you learned all sorts of things about her & her interests! And of course, let’s not forget our first full experience session together… her Forever Miss Randolph County’s Outstanding Teen back in Fall 2017 (wow, has it really been that long that I’ve known this beautiful girl?! Okay… a little longer than that even & thank goodness!). This session is her 1:1 Senior session… all about who she is at this beautiful transitional stage of life and how she wants to remember such a special time!

Similar to the session in our last blog, D knew EXACTLY what she wanted to do when we sat down to plan her session! And equally as opposite to that one, she wanted no stylized… ‘everyday’ looks & feels that represent who she is right here & now, just as she would go to school. And goodness is that what I LOVE about what I do!!! The ability to capture each girl in such different ways & still be so genuinely true to who she is at her core AND adore each of their sessions. Without a doubt, she wanted her session in her home town. The place she’s grown up, where ups & downs of life has happened for her and where some of her most precious of memories already are. She also knew that she HAD to have our wonderful HMUA, Jessica for this one! So we gladly packed up & headed to Asheboro, NC

One of Delaney’s dreams from the very beginning of our journey together was boho chic… specifically, twirling in grass fields! So we certainly had to make that happen!!! This turned out to be much more of a challenge to find than you would think… until we realized it was a ‘so hard because it’s right there in front of us’ kinda thing! Despite Delaney searching all sorts of places around town, wanna know where we ended up going? …the field next to our hotel! Yep!! Right there, literally next to us! Couldn’t have been more perfect with paths through it & hills too! It was the most grey blah day ever but we worked it out! She wore a beautiful flowy dress from Cousin Couture and TWIRLED to her hearts content!!! Before leaving the fields she changed into her ‘Mama Mia‘ look… a striped top & jeans with a retro vibe about them. Quite different from her dress but so very perfect for our field location! She felt so herself & was totally owning it as I captured one image after another. From there we went on to Asheboro High School where she is class President & has spent her entire High School journey. It’s one of those fabulously old schools with character and I have to say – I was SO excited to capture her at! Skinny ripped jeans, a blue & white striped top and some fabulous wedge shoes were the look for this location. The school itself, as well as an array of items that enhanced her school years from soccer to dance to pageantry made perfect accessories! From there we finished up at Delaney’s FAV cafe in town… The Table! We certainly appreciate their openness to let us capture her at their delightfully picturesque venue! A fun boho jumper & strapy birkenstocks went perfect with the cafe, it’s flowers & surrounding urban warehouse buildings.

Delaney is headed to UNC Chapel Hill this coming fall & we are SO excited to have her closer by. I hope that as she adjusts to college life she’ll look back at these images & be filled with warm happy thoughts of home! Enjoy…

An extra special treat, Delaney had bought my daughter (who happens to absolutely adore her) a unicorn headband in colors that matched her 2nd look & wanted a couple shots together! SO sweet! We love ya, Delaney!!

Thanks SO much to Jessica Davis of Awakened Beauty by Jessica Davis for Delaney’s fabulously boho Hair & Make-up! And my own little sweetie pie, Lizzy Mink, for being mini-assistant & capturing the behind the scenes moments for us!

Check out Delaney’s session highlights video, including fun behind the scenes on our YouTube channel!

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