JMP Fab Grad 2019 Spokesmodel Spotlight… Charlie!!

Our next Class of 2019 Fab Grad Spokesmodels to introduce y’all to is Charlie! She attends Longleaf School of the Arts (LSA) and is QUITE spectacular…

I think the first time I saw Charlie was during Longleaf‘s performance of Alice in Wonderland a few years ago. She is quite a presence and certainly not someone you would ever miss if you are near! Through an array of passings from LSA to North Carolina Theatre Conservatory to even Starbucks… each time I saw her, I thought to myself ‘Goodness, I’d love to work with her – I hope she does a session with me someday!’. See, she has this quirky (in the best of ways), outgoing, fabulously fun & magnetic personality that I’m pretty sure anyone that meets her would have to be drawn to! Imagine my excitement when she did in fact apply to my Fab Grad program!!! It didn’t hurt that she already knew at least 3 of my past Spokesmodels and I kinda mighta messaged her to make sure she knew applications were up for submitting 😀 . Needless to say, it was an absolute & excited YES! to accepting her into the program!!

When asked to describe herself in 3 words, Charlie chose fun, unique and strong, with her openness to meeting new people & making new friends, understandably being the first thing people notice about her. I have already seen all of these aspects of who she is in play and they are so spot on! Her existing friends themselves are hilarious, loving, and supportive… never failing to make her smile! And she also loves hanging out with her little sisters, Rio and Pepper! Her most noticeable fabulous aspects are her personality and sense of style… oh, and some seriously long fashion legs – they are one of her favorite things about herself, and I love that she embraces that!

Charlie loves make-up, modeling, visual arts (to view & appreciate, not do herself 😉 ) and of course, musical theatre & dance, which she gets to learn & develop via her time at the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory and her awesome school! In fact, she’s even had the privilege of taking a dance class with broadway choreographer, Warren Carlyle! Through that experience, she got to do The Waiter’s Gallop from Hello Dolly… a part she considers to be one of the hardest dances on Broadway, yet one that he praised her for & will always hold a special memory! Playing well into her personality and passions, Charlie’s style is a mix of modern grunge with retro… very 60’s-90’s inspired with bold makeup, especially eyeliner & false lashes! When asked if she could travel back to another time period, she responded with “The 60s! I love the clothes, the music, and I feel as if I would belong among a group of hippies screaming ‘make love, not war’.”

When asked about her experience with the program so far, here’s what Charlie had to say…

  • What appeals to her about Jen’s work/style… “I love how she takes young girl’s dreams and makes them a reality in her pictures. You can really see how the girl’s personality and who they really are is projected into a photo.”
  • Favorite part of our session… “Creating friendships with all my fellow spokesmodels. They’re all such supportive strong ladies who are amazing people to have as friends.”
  • Favorite part of working with Jen & team… “They made me feel like a beautiful, strong, confident woman.”
  • Why her peers should come to Jen for their portraits… “She’s the best of the best. You will get the highest quality of service and you will have a great time.”
  • What she’s looking forward to in her upcoming 1:1 session… “Getting to express myself with her artform.”

Fun & Fab Scoop on Charlie’s FAV things:

Charlie’s future aspirations include attending a Conservatory, moving to New York and being on Broadway &/or to be a Rockette. Broadway is so much a part of her essence that her dog is  even named Pippin! I can’t wait to get in line for tickets to every show possible and enjoy her performances!!

THANK YOU, Charlie for applying to my program and being such an incredible source of joy & fun for myself and the other girls! I love having you along on this journey and am SOO excited for your upcoming session! Everyone will certainly want to stay tuned as it’s going to be uniquely unique Charlie and pretty darn cool! In the meantime, you can catch Charlie in Pippin… NEXT WEEKEND!! Get your tickets HERE!!

If you see Charlie at school or around town, don’t miss the opportunity to take a moment to chat with her… goodness gracious will it bring a smile to your face! Feel free to reach out to her or myself if interested in getting your own Fab Grad (Senior) Portrait Session booked! She even has 10% discount off your commission fee to share… BONUS!! 😀

Special Thanks & Credits…
Hair & Make-up: Denise Hutter / Images by Denise
Locations: The Jen Mink Photography Studio, Raleigh
Dress: Amazon
Additional Thanks: Ashley Keefe & Meredith Glover

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