I have literally waited years for this sweet girl to become a Senior & do her session. So I am beyond pleased to introduce you to our dear friend & an incredible young lady… Lexi! (yes, this is going to be a long one – grab a coffee!)

Lexi is in the Class of 2018 at Leesville Road High School here in Raleigh. She’s an extremely busy young lady between school, home & her other activities. Her greatest pride & passion, however, is her horse training. Quite the equestrian, she has an extensive array of accomplishments, specifically in eventing & dressage over the years.  Persistence and patience with her horses has been her strength, of which, she now has 3 beautiful girls – Sweet Lena, Sunshine & Lindy. She says “The best part about being an equestrian is building a personal connection with the horses. Instead of viewing a horse as a pet, equestrians view horses as partners.” And what exceptional partnerships she has built! You can check out her awesome riding (& video) skills on her very own YouTube channel that she puts together herself at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCik4isotFI2qtwIeENAT3EQ. In addition to the time she spends with her horses, Lexi puts a great deal of value on her time with family (if you know them – you completely understand why). She’s played cello in the school orchestra since the 6th grade; she draws & paints (no surprise, especially horses); she’s in National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society & Pony Club… among other things! While she allowed us to give her a fun little experience with our hair & make-up artist for a still very natural, simply polished for the camera look… she does not wear make-up on a daily basis. She has many other priorities going on in her world! She finds interest & value in being open to things from food to travels to animals… pretty much everything the world has open to her to learn about! She speaks freely for what she believes in and stands strongly behind her values!!

For me, personally… I have known Lexi since she was about 6! She’s going to giggle, cause I LOVE telling this story!!! I met her on my 1st date with my now husband… she answered the door of her home, where her family was having a party and said “when you two get married, can I be your flower girl?!” And, so, it turns out in addition to all her other talents – she can also tell the future! (sorry Lexi, it’s one of my all time favs – I had to! :D) She has always been an incredibly kind, polite, sweet & mature young lady. I don’t know that I’ve EVER seen her act up in any kind of way… at all. My hubby tells me she was like this even as an infant & toddler! She has always been a young lady that we’ve kept close to heart, whether we’ve seen her frequently at times or years apart – we’ve never felt the need to waver in our view of admiration & respect & seeing her as an incredible role model for other young ladies to emulate (including our own daughter)!

After graduating in the Spring, Lexi plans to attend college locally to be near her family & horses. She is planning to major in genetics & minor in business to pursue a career in genomics. “Through genome sampling and mapping, it is possible to change healthcare to be more prevention based than treatment based. This means that less people will be sick and health care will be more accurate.” Goodness, she’s amazing! I have no doubt that she will do great things & have a positive impact on our world! I’ll certainly be following along!

For now, here are the images we captured to portray her beautiful smile, heart & passion at this sweet phase of her life – which for her, wouldn’t be complete without her mom or her horses…

As always, much thanks goes to Denise Hutter, Images by Denise for Lexi’s perfectly natural & beautiful, Hair & Makeup looks! And our awesome intern, Ellie Marshall for our behind the scenes coverage!

For more images & fun behind the scenes moments, you may also catch highlights from Lexi’s Reveal Video on our YouTube channel!

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