Fab Grad… Jayden. Oh, where do I even start with this young lady from Enloe High School‘s Class of 2016?!

You learned all sorts or things about ‘her’, her amazing business (Magical Memories Party Entertainment… you know, in case you needed the link again 😉 ) in her Fab Grad Spokesmodel Feature Blog last week. THIS session though… it is a creation of dreams… a very gifted & amazing young lady’s dreams! Though assistance was offered numerous times, it was never needed… Jayden knew long before we’d even set our date what her vision was! When I very first asked if she had ‘any ideas’ of what she might like to do for her 1:1 session, she got this big ol’ smirk on her face, lit up like a Christmas tree & started rattling off her vision with sheer excitement! I had to grab a notebook & write as fast as I could!!

This is the most creative, thought out session I’ve experienced to date & it was just magical!!! She planned the themes, the props & her outfits all herself! Including, much to mom’s wonder in the beginning & delight at the outcome… PJs as one of her looks! Yes, her story most certainly began in PJs… a natural face & rumply bed head hair… awaking from her magical dreams! From there she transformed into an Eeyore inspired vision… soft grey’s & touches of pinks & bows. She then became her version of the most beautiful rockabilly/50’s style Cinderella in a signature Cinderella like blue dress, the choker from her costumes, stunning red lips & the most adorable shoes (that she even changed out the laces on – so love her eye for detail!). She shone in all her looks, but THIS is the.one that I saw her be the most ‘her’ in. Her final look of the story was of her own princess self… an ethereal Princess Jayden. And isn’t she breathtaking?!

Jayden wanted an experience that told a story and truly represented who SHE is… I think she accomplished her goal so very fabulously!



Added Artwork by Nola Grace Brown



Thanks so much to Joanne Maye, Joanne Maye Makup Artistry for Jayden’s Hair & Makeup! For staying late with us, for picnicking your HMU (thinking about it will always make me smile!) & being so awesome to be around! As always… such a wonderful time spent with you!!


And to Jayden’s mom, Joy, as well! You kept us all warm, helped assist & were so wonderful to have there with us… THANK YOU!! I sooo adore ya & CAN.NOT.WAIT to capture y’alls mother/daughter session. In the meantime, I am SO thankful that you let me grab these sweet moments for now!


You can also check out Jayden’s session video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ZKhQ7lnJtWk

For those loving Jayden’s outfits as much as I am… she got many of her Eeyore, Cinderella & Ethereal Princess look pieces from ModCloth. I had not heard of them before this & am a new fan for sure!! Thanks so much to the Pavilions at the Angus Barn here in Raleigh for allowing me a second opportunity to use their property for our session… as you can see, it provided the perfect setting for this vision!!

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