JMP Fab Grad 2016 Spokesmodel Spotlight… Jayden!!


A little #TBT spotlight for my sweet, beautiful & oh so busy, Fab Grad Spokesmodel… Jayden McGrael from Enloe High School Class of 2016! Her individual session will be up next for sharing… but FIRST, as you will understand after reading what follows – she’s been a very busy girl and we haven’t had opportunity to do her Spokesmodel Spotlight yet. So, without further adieu, here it is… Enjoy!!

Jayden is striking, with beautiful eyes & smile that warms. She has a style unafraid of anything. She can roll from boho to hipster to girly girl; cover the fabulous periods of the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s; and rocks everything from liquid eyeliner with red lips to a completely gorgeous natural look! She is described as dedicated, outspoken, quirky and ambitious. And when I say ‘ambitious’, I don’t mean your average, run of the mill high schooler’s ambition. Or the ambition level of many adults I’ve known either, for that matter. Jayden is a seriously accomplished & successful young lady & business owner. That’s right! She started her own party entertainment business, Magical Memories Party Entertainment!! It began so that she could live her dream of being a princess and learn how to treat kids, walk around in costumes and do all the sorts of things involved in being a face character at Disney (her dream job). She developed a business plan, business strategy, website, facebook page & 1-year plan. She developed & delivered flyers to local nail salons & dance studios, dressed as Snow White & walked neighborhoods to deliver her flyers, contacted daycares & even Marbles Kids Museum to drive business. And wow, have I seen her grow this year!! She is booked regularly, has employees & oh my, the most fabulous array of STUNNING, quality costumes!!! Her mom, Joy, helped her to realize this dream and has supported her through everything with the arts, the business & otherwise… and continues to do so. According to Jayden, “She is the most important person to me & I’m so glad that we are very close!!”

Beyond her amazing business, Jayden has many other accomplishments in acting & musical theatre, including a scene she wrote being nominated by her peers as a contest submission and performing in North Carolina Theatre Conservatory‘s production of Crazy for You this past Summer. Jayden’s mom is the one who actually ‘nominated’ her for this program and I simply must share some excerpts from her application… “Jayden is fabulous because she is herself. She doesn’t fall to peer pressure, she has her own ideals, thoughts and dreams. She is outspoken and deep thinking. She is driven to succeed and does what she needs to do to follow those dreams. Jayden is also beautiful, smart, extremely talented and focused on her dreams…. When Jayden believes in or is passionate about something—- nothing gets in her way…. Jayden isn’t your typical teenager. She has been through a lot in her 16 years, and she continues to amaze me every day”. Oh yeah! Are you crying? I was when I got this!!

When asked about her experience with the program so far, here’s what Jayden & Joy had to say…

  • What appeals to them about Jen’s work/style… “Jayden has her own sense of style, her thoughts, her quirkiness, her obsession with disney, musical theatre, acting, dancing—- and what Jen Mink Photography does is bring those passions out in pictures. You get to see the personalities of the subjects through the pictures. The real person shows through—- not just someone smiling for the camera.”
  • Favorite part of our rep session and working with Jen & team… “I liked working with Jen and feeling how official & professional everything was. I also enjoyed Lizzy’s company & meeting the other people that participated. Felt like a real model experience!”
  • Why her peers should come to Jen for their portraits… “She has excellent creative ideas & she provides great quality images, a great experience overall in the session. It goes above & beyond the session because not only is she a great photographer but becomes a great friend and gets personally invested in your life outside of the session!”

Fun & Fab Scoop on Jayden’s FAV things:

As you can see, Jayden is quite the Disney gal. Her “bucket list” even includes getting to visit ALL the International Disney Destinations and feel the WOW of being there!

Jayden is so very charming & delightful and I hope you enjoy seeing her personality shine through her images…


If you see Jayden at school or around town, don’t miss the opportunity to take a moment to chat with her… I’m sure the opportunity will bring a smile to your day! Feel free to reach out to her or myself if interested in getting your own Fab Grad (Senior) Portrait Session booked!

Special Thanks & Credits…
Hair & Make-up: Denise Hutter / Images by Denise and Beccah Thiel
Location: Crosswinds Campground, Jordan Lake
Lake Hairpiece: Jen Mink 😉
Lake Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories
Additional Thanks: Eabby Jacobs / Eabby Verhoeven Photography and Ashley Keefe

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