So… Despite living in northern, heavy snow filled winter areas most of my life growing up (Maine, Germany & NY), I moved to NC as an adult almost 17 years ago now and yes, have absolutely 200% become adapted to & love, love, LOVE not dealing with winter snow all the time. As much as I love the beauty of Maine & all my still very dear friends in NY… I just couldn’t imagine living through the winters there any more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about the Summer either… I’m totally your southernized, beautifully neutral, Spring & Fall lovin girl!!

Generally, when it snows down here, it doesn’t just snow… it ices, & it ices BAD. We’re understandably not prepared for it since it happens so rarely… so everything just closes down. It’s been years since I can remember it snowing more than a dusting around here. Until this year. This year, when we just moved & I’m trying so hard to get us unpacked into our new home. This year when I’m coming out of my 1st year of business & needing to figure out taxes & revamp things from all that I’ve learned this year, etc, ETC. This year we get hit with doozies. Not just once either. There has been one snow day after another, on top of the already existing holidays. We’re all stir crazy, making behaviors/moods all the worse & all the things I wanted/needed to get done in the past few weeks aren’t happening because the kids aren’t at school. As much as I love & adore my generally sweet babies… everyone needs a little quiet time, even if to work or unpack. I was going to cry if there was another day of preschool closed (oh ok, so I did recently cry over hearing of school cancellation).

I needed a serious outlook adjustment on this very frustrating & exhausting situation, so I grabbed my camera & started snapping. Even got to try out my new lensbaby macro lenses that were part of my Christmas present from the hubby… still learning to use them (will be a while & much learning to really get there!!), but they are pretty darn cool… I think 😉 .  I did some by myself before the hubby started working for the day & even did some with the kids just through the windows. Normally, I capture people… feelings, emotions, expressions, moments of lives, etc… my clients or my own family… either way, totally my thing! Yesterday, I captured snow & ice. If any of our neighbors were looking out the window, especially when I was using the macro’s, they probably thought I’d lost my marbles!! But… I loved every single second of it!!!! I actually, genuinely, loved all the beauty that I found in this stinkin weather that closes things down & makes us trapped at home (or worse for some)! These pics brought the peace that I was needing & focus back onto enjoying this time.

It’s a long post but here is my artistic/photographic & much more content outlook on this round of snow & ice…

Okay… so you didn’t really, seriously think I wouldn’t have a ‘few’ pics of my babies in here did ya? 😉 Poor Trey-man was sick earlier this week & still not 100% so we did the comfy  pajama snuggly snow day thing instead of the play in the snow this time (though… I confess, I feel quite guilty every time I see friends fb pics with their kids & snowmen… but yeah, not tooo bad – it’s stir crazy but nice, warm & dry in here 😀 ). Not my best work by any means… just fun family around the house snaps 🙂

Finally… oh, how she melts my heart… my sweet girl… my ‘mini me’… went down for nap (aka: ‘independent quiet time’  😀 ) yesterday with her camera, laying in bed (yes, that’s a tutu sticking out 😉 ) & her blinds open… so she can take pics of the snow!! LOL… she even stops to evaluate her work 😉

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