I know, I know… I’ve been so quiet on here so far this year that y’all can hear the pins dropping & birds chirping 😉 . All for good reason though, as I’ve been a busy, BUSY bee working away on updating & revamping this site (about 90% done 🙂 ), tackling a big family move to make room for this business in our life & of course, tending to my sweet family! All that being said… I have numerous sessions to share with y’all going back to the fall that I’ve been holding onto until the site updates are completely done. However, after a beautiful, fun & energizing wedding yesterday, I just HAVE to go ahead & share some… starting with the new Mr & Mrs Thompson’s engagement portraits from February!

This session was a little different than your standard session. A group of my fabulously talented PPNC photographer friends got together for a ‘shoot out’… time to practice, experiment, learn, grow our portfolios & know each other better. My hubby came along to play my ‘assistant’ for the day (THANK YOU!!) & we each brought ‘models’, even doing a little sharing for variety & further learning. So… I asked my friend, Jess & her fiance, Chad if they’d like to come join in as my models, with the end result being their engagement portraits. As expected, being the fun-loving, easy-going couple that they are… THEY said yes! 😉 We met downtown at Marbles & shot from there, through Moore Square and down on into City Market… finally ending (after a fun group dinner at TirNaNog, of course) with some night skyline shots at the Boylan Street Bridge. It was a THOROUGHLY enjoyable day as we let loose and experimented – growing in my comfort with using reflectors & even more so, lights!, different angles & reflections, etc… and a lot of giggles 🙂 .

Here are a few of my favorite highlights from all the fun we had…

THANK YOU, Jess & Chad, for being such willing & open participants and for all the FUN you brought to the day! And… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Stay tuned for Jess’s stunning Bridal Portraits & with a ‘little’ time 😉 , all the fun & touching moments captured over this wedding weekend in Wilmington! In the meantime… you can click HERE to see more from this fun session!

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