Precious Newborn… Cailyn

Wow… how absolutely fabulously precious as she can be is this little sweetie pie?!! Lil’ Miss Cailyn was a warm bundle of pink in our fall mini session posted recently, but here you can finally see all her sweetness at home… from her fabulously wild hair & stunning blue eyes to her ten lil’ piggies 🙂 We had planned this session to be more of a ‘lifestyle’ session since she was already 7 weeks old at the time & past the ‘traditional’ super sleepy newborn portrait stage… but… turns out a girl this sweet needs her beauty rest no matter how many weeks  old she is! She snoozed away so contently, letting Mama & I change her and gently move her around and when she woke… the sweetest most cooperative lil’ bidy model you could image!! I was thrilled to finally get to use some of my newborn props as we went from one to the next & she certainly did well by them! Before leaving, I’d still caught a few lifestyles with her sweet Mama and ended our day capturing our originally planned family shots in her adorably done nursery… surrounded by the love of not just Mama & Daddy, some of the sweetest folks you could imagine but also her cutie pie big brother & pup too!!

Miss Cailyn is one lucky girl to have such great protectors!! 🙂

Click HERE to see more of this precious lil’ sweetie pie & her family!

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