We are so very excited to introduce y’all to our very fabulous, amazing & super extraordinary Class of 2017 Fab Grad Spokesmodels!

This is our Fab Grad Spokesmodel (FGSM) program’s 3rd year and without doubt, one of our very FAVORITE parts of the year! These girls & families too, quickly grow so very dear to our hearts… they become a big part of our year… and years to come as well!

Each girl goes through a selection process, including lengthy written application and for those we feel may have the best potential fit for our program, a casual interview as well. Each year it seems to get harder & harder as the program grows in interest and more great girls not just apply, but apply with so much heart & openness in their applications. These young ladies represent us, our brand & our image and that is something to take very seriously. As I’ve learned with time… these girls also tend to become very close to my family as well. Therefore, I must ask myself “Is this someone I’d want my daughter to look up to & strive to be like?”. For me, the answer must always be “yes, absolutely!” We consider these girls not just representatives of our business but positive role models… while diverse in appearance, interests, etc – always having the similarity of being a girl of exceptional character! So, being chosen is no small thing. And these five girls, who you’ll meet individually over the coming weeks, certainly do not disappoint!!

Our Group Session… Glam Heroes!

When it comes to our group session, I like to have a little fun & go all out with a full blown stylized theme session!! This year went away from our normal soft, flowy, girly girl side to the other end of what is so wonderful about being a girl… also being strong, independent & powerful. With that in mind, we built a ‘Glam Heroes’ theme… super heroes but girlified (Jen-ified) in sleek glamorous outfits, big hair & strong make-up. Oh yeah, let’s not forget – a powerful base – some fabulous big strong shoes! The girls primary color was, well – black, of course! Accented with silver/metal, purple & hot pinks. More importantly than their fabulous outfits though, was what they were representing. Even ‘Glam’ Heroes need to have a purpose & powers… these girls represented positive high school super powers… perseverance, kindness, self-confidence, positive peer relationships, etc, etc!!!

Once again, we were joined by our dear Hair & Make-up Artists, Denise Hutter of Images by Denise and Joanne Maye of Joanne Maye Makeup Artistry! We were also assisted by assistant extraordinaire, Nola Grace Brown, our awesome brand new intern, Gabi Perkins (more to come on her soon) & some pretty fantastic moms! So very thankful for all of them!!

As luck would have it… it rained! Luckily, we planned for this!! Our session started at the globe at the Natural Science Museum in downtown Raleigh. As the rain began, we moved on down to capture the girls with some amazing views from within The Glass Box. We finished up our fun day with sunset (as much as their was that day, anyway) at Memorial Auditorium and a quick stop in a downtown parking deck! It was a long day for everyone, but the girls were such amazing troopers!

Our Special Mini Hero Guest…

What would a super hero be without someone to inspire & mold for the next generation?! As is becoming a special tradition, Jen’s daughter, Lizzy joined in on the fun! She doesn’t come on individual sessions, so this is our time to let her take part in what we do, see her Mama in action as a creative, strong, working woman and to bond with the girls (which takes all of about 1 second to secure for life!). And for this session, it really played into the theme quite well. Lizzy got her own version of outfit & styling to match with the girls, right on down to the mask. She had SUCH a blast, as did the girls and our awesome sitter for the day, Jasmine Lewis – THANK YOU!!!

Behind the Scenes Fun…

One of the most important things about a great session is the fun we have behind the scenes – from goofing off & being silly, to getting to know each other more, to being pampered and feeling like models. To me… it’s that connection & comfort that makes the portraits all that much better!

Be sure to follow along with us in the coming weeks and learn more about each of these girls individually… I’ll be starting with Kylie, hopefully next week!! And… of course… if you’re a rising High School Senior or know one needing their Senior Portraits – we are now booking these for the Class of 2017! If you go to school with or know Anna, Charlotte, Kylie, Leilani or Sarah… stop & say ‘HI!’ to them… grab one of their rep cards (you’ll be glad you did – they have a discount for your session on them too!)

CONGRATULATIONS, Girls… We are SO ECSTATIC to have each of you on our team this year!!!!! Thanks for your genuine interest, commitment & personal investment in Jen Mink Photography!

The girls video for those who haven’t caught it yet:

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