Fall Mini… Hullender Family!

Happy Thanksgiving to this sweet family!! How wonderful it is to get to work with them again… you may recall them from the beginning of the year – my very VERY first session that wasn’t for an already known friend or family member. Since then I’ve worked on several things with Mom for the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, and was thrilled to find out she was the winner of my mini session auction donation from the last event!! I’d say I had just as much fun as I did at our first session… but… I had even more!! Between lil’ man growing up so much and not nearly the nerves that I had the first time… it was just delightful 🙂 . And the leaves! Mama had leaves gathered in bags and laid them out in seconds to match a similar set they’d done for his 1st birthday portraits… not only did it create a great & creative set, but it also provided plenty of entertainment for this busy fella. Enjoy 🙂 …

Click HERE to see more of this sweet family!

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