As I navigate through my photography journey, exploring new areas and really focusing in on ‘specialties’… I find myself like a giddy school girl! After all the years of dreaming to be able to do something wonderfully fabulous & creative with myself… I am amazed that THIS is ‘my’ work! My poor hubby has to constantly hear “Honey! You’ve got to see THIS one… she’s sooo beautiful! I did that! Can you believe it?!” And this session was most definitely one of those sessions!!

Intended to be a trial run for my very talented hair & make-up artist, Kevin & I to see how we work together and also for me to ‘give a try’ to Senior/Grad sessions… we ended up with a really great experience & full blown session pretty much as one should go! I was a nervous wreck leading up to it… I’d never done a full actual senior session before, let alone with ‘the works’ as I’d envisioned it for my girls (the hair, make-up, multiple wardrobe changes & hours of shooting in different areas). I knew I’d love it… just simply hadn’t had the opportunity before this. I couldn’t be more thankful to Jillian, her mama, Stacey & of course, Kevin for such a great start down this path! And yes, I enjoyed it as expected but now I know with 200% confidence that it’s totally meant for me!

Right from the get go, Kevin was amazing (as I’d expected)… not just his eye for the special ways of doing make-up for the camera & the beautifully appropriate hair but his knowledge & confidence to jump in and assist were phenomenal! Then there is our lovely volunteer/test client, Jillian… actually a Junior at Leesville HS this year, but quite the mature & well posed young lady… she was perfectly patient, kind & as you can see – quite photogenic!! The most fun was that this young lady can not, not smile! Literally, she had the hardest time doing a serious face & would have the best laughs while trying so hard to do so! Yet… she did pull them off – a radiant smile & oh so stunning, model like serious ones!  I couldn’t have imagined someone better to start out on the right foot with… I hope you enjoyed it even half as much as I did & that you love your images, Jill!…

A few ‘behind the scenes’ at our experience, a proud Mama & Jillian’s fabulously adorable laughs 🙂 …

Click HERE to see more of this fab grad to be!

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