My 1st Clients… 1.5 years Later!

Here we are… Fall 2014… a year & a half since I did my 1st round of sessions after formally forming my business, not even out of my corporate ‘day job’ yet. A year & a half since… I first met this delightful family! If you’ve been following me for a while, you may recall that session, when Davis turned 2. His sweet Mama was the first person outside my personal friends & family to reach out with interest in my work. I didn’t know them before this, but have been touched to be friends, following their changes and growth on Facebook & email since then. Even meeting other now clients/friends through her as well!

We met up for our session last Sunday morning at Fletcher Park. Mom, Dad & Davis showed up so perfectly styled! Now… my lil’ buddy, is just past the 3.5 year mark and has changed so much! He’s gotten so tall, talkative & friendly… not at all shying away from me & my camera, but so very cooperative, sweet & entertaining! It felt like just meeting up with old friends & was one of the easiest family sessions I’ve done to date (like, I literally kept shooting more than I needed to because we did so well so quickly that it felt weird to just be done ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). When I got home from this session, I set the images to upload while I went about other things… but… I couldn’t help but go take a couple peeks. They literally made me smile & giggle with joy! What a fantastic family that brings that to others just looking at images of them!

During these first couple years, I’ve been so very blessed by many of my clients already being loyal, repeat clients and am so very pleased that this family is one of them!! Here are a few of my favorite highlights from their recent session…

Introducing the next & best ever, PowerRanger! What’s his super power?? Umm… Amazing eyelashes & personality that charm… obviously!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So… After adding the new gallery of images to this family’s proof page & slideshow, I about fell out of my chair! Seeing the difference in obviously how much Lil’ Man has grown up and how sleek & fabulous his beautiful Mama looks these days… but also how far my work has grown too! Of course it would be better, but I really didn’t realize how much until today. I couldn’t resist pulling together some similar shots for side-by-side comparison… it’s amazing what such little time but so much wonderful learning & experience can change…

Click to see more highlights from these Raleigh Family Sessions.


  1. Nyoka Little

    These pictures are so good. I can’t believe how much Davis has grown either. I’m so proud of my son, daughter in-law, and the most precious grandon!

    • Marilyn Spainhour

      You have so beautifully captured their personalities……..especially Little Man!!! Thank you…..these are priceless.

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