Long Lake Pet Parade & Event

I was asked by my good mom friend from Lizzy’s dance class, Carolyn, to cover her neighborhood’s Pet Parade & Event. They had all sorts of things going on for this event – the parade, snacks, presentations, give aways, my portraits & more. What a great community & fun neighborhood they have to put something like this together!

Here’s just a quick shot of my 1st table/display anywhere – not much but kinda exciting 😀 …

Portraits were taken for a small donation to the Independent Animal Rescue and I grabbed some candids of the event while there too.

And then there’s Tigger! OH MY GOODNESS – I totally fell in love with this sweet, SWEET fella! Unfortunately for me, Ken said ‘uh… no’ 🙁 SO he does need someone to give him a great loving & adoring home. Look at that C-U-T-E face!!!!…

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the entire gallery!

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