Kendalyn’s 5th Birthday!!

This is my absolutely ADORABLE niece, Kendalyn, whom I LOVE to pieces… always have, always will!!! Look at that smile – how could you not?! 😀

Earlier this month she celebrated her 5th Birthday!! (WOW… I can’t believe she’s that old already!!) She’s growing into such a sweet little lady & has always been full of personality! She & my Lizzy are ‘two peas in a pod’ in MANY ways, so it was no surprise when I found out that she was having a Princess themed birthday party! I think Lizzy jumped & cheered for 5 minutes straight when she got her invitation in the mail  😉 . Check out the fabulous castle cake this princess had… custom made with love by her own mama…. (my sister) Kelly!

Here are some highlights of Kendalyn’s party that we got to enjoy with her while she’s back in NC for a bit and some rare but oh so wonderful time Lizzy & Trey got to spend with their Aunt Kelly & the girls…

A special bonus treat for my Ma’a, who’s been desperately wanting some nice pics of her lab/great dane pup, Jake (who’s fur is so dark solid black that he usually can’t be seen in photos)…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Kendalyn!! We LOVE you very, VERY much!!

… Auntie JenJen  🙂

Click HERE to view even more images in the slideshow from this event!

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