Holiday Family… The Kings

Meet my dear friends, the Kings… We have known the Kings almost as long as Ken & I have known each other I think. The boys were certainly not this grown up when we first met & there was not even a Lizzy & Trey existing yet… whew how time flies! And Lisa & Jeff… they couldn’t be sweeter or more delightful of friends! Lisa, an anesthesiologist herself, was even there at the hospital making sure I had just the right anesthesiologist when our lil’ Trey-man was born. With kids at such opposite ends of the age spectrum, we don’t get to spend as much time together as I’d like but simply thinking about them brings a smile to my face… we just adore them to pieces!

Lisa has been following my work throughout my growth & wanting to get together for a session for some time now. I was so pleased when she reached out to see if we could finally make it happen for their family/holiday portraits this year. AND I got to go to their super awesome over 5 acre property & home for this custom session… YAY!!! (and oh yes, I have most certainly staked a claim for returning when azaleas are in bloom too!! 😀 ). It was truly such a perfect setting from front of the yard, down the driveway, at the gates and finally inside! Lisa even had them styled perfectly for their looks! To make it extra special, they also have an exchange student from Germany with them right now… he fits in SO well with them that it was no surprise they did the family portraits all together! We even got an image of their sweet pups, Brutus & Lucy before the night was through!

With their session happening this month & trying to get everything completed for them to have for Christmas, this is the first I’ve been able to post/share of it. Hope y’all enjoy viewing this sweet family’s portraits as much as we enjoy knowing them…


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