Class of 2017 Fab Grad Spokesmodel Applications Now Being Accepted!


It’s a brand new year & time to find my next round of fabulous Fab Grad Spokesmodels! I love & adore this program and my sweet girls that have been a part of it SO very much… we have so much fun!

Would you like to join us?! Class of 2017 gals… your applications are open for submission!!

Applications opened just before the holiday break to allow time to submit before back in school if preferred. Interview scheduling has started and I’m looking forward to seeing who else applies & peaks my interest for step 2! Applications will remain open until January 10th 2016, with interviews planned to be completed no later than January 17th.

We’re taking this program up a notch (or 2 😉 ) this coming year with things planned for you girls even above & beyond what we do photography-wise. I’m quite excited to experience it with y’all! First things, first though… you’ll want to learn about the specifics.

What is a Fab Grad Spokesmodel?

“In a few words, the Jen Mink Photography Fab Grads  Spokesmodel Program is a mutually beneficial relationship between my studio & local High School Seniors. In the end, everyone involved in the program gains in various ways. Yep… you get tangible perks and I garner more business as a direct result of working with you. We all gain: Newfound friendships! Fantastic experiences! Laughs, hugs & a lot more!”

Here’s the Info Guide to learn lots more about the program, the experience, the perks, the rules, etc…

(flip pages at the lower corner OR click on guide to enlarge & see more clearly in full screen)

Ready to Apply?

YAY! Once you’re ready, you may click here to start your application process!! Please note that I put a lot into this program & the application is lengthy to reflect those that are most serious in joining us. I do not recommend waiting until the last minute to start working on it.

* * DEADLINE is January 10th, 2016 * *

PS… Here’s a lil’ teaser for what’s to come with the Class of 2017!

(and nope, it’s not a mardi gras or a masquerade ball theme… it WILL be fabulous though!)



  1. Is there any way you extended the application deadline?

    • I’m sorry, Grace… We’ve already completed all the interviews, made our selections and are well underway with plans for the girls big group session. Let me know if interested in meeting to plan an individual Sr session though & we can get something on the calendar! 🙂

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