Graduation Celebration – Ladies Day Out Session!

What a fabulous multi-celebration session!! This one began with Sheli… she has been a dear friend of our families for a long time, of my husband’s for well longer than I’ve known him even! The session began as a gift for her oh so fabulous 50th Birthday! She immediately knew that she wanted to hold onto this so that she may enjoy & celebrate the experience upon earning her Doctorate from Virginia Tech in March. She & her friend Kim, have walked their career paths in the education field, as well as this personal educational one quite similarly over the years as they supported each other… including earning those Doctorates at the same time. So it was only fitting that this become a best friend session and they planned a fun trip down here from Virginia! When Sheli’s daughter, Lindsey… now a teacher herself, came along for the trip… it rounded out the fun day perfectly!!

The ladies began their day with a bit of pampering with our fabulous Hair & Make-up Artist, Denise. As they were ready, we captured their in studio portraits… and as you’ll see – some great laughs!! Which is never in short supply when around Sheli! What the ladies really longed to be a part of this session was an old school house!! It took a bit of searching & location scouting but I found the most delightful & perfect location in Hillsborough… The Burwell School, a young women’s school from the 1800’s, complete with a charming garden, buildings & oh yes, even a tour & history lesson when we finished our session! We worked around rain & wetness but that wouldn’t get this day down! I certainly had a wonderful experience with these ladies, capturing their beautiful relationships and adventuring together… I hope they had just as much fun and always remember this day with fond memories & smiles filled with pride for all their impressive accomplishments!

Here are Dr Sheli, Dr Kim & Lindsey! Enjoy…


Thanks so much to Denise Hutter, Images by Denise for these ladies fabulous Hair & Makeup! The always awesome, Elaine Bryant, of Windmill Photography for helping out behind the scenes! And our gracious location of the afternoon, The Burwell School!

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