Adoring Parents to Be… Raleigh Maternity Session

Oh these sweet adoring parents to be! They’ll absolutely make you melt viewing the love they share and seeing the excitement they have for the son that was on his way! I said to my own husband one day “boy, he sure does looove her!” and his response was “uh, yeah! anyone that sees any of those images can see it just in the way he looks at her alone!”

Tracy and I had actually been pretty close friends ‘back in the day’ (yes, the pre-hubby, pre-little-ones, had time to party days 😉 ) but hadn’t really been in touch for nearly 7 years. Until… she wrote me in the fall to let me know she was pregnant and wanted to hire me for her maternity session. And off to planning & reconnecting we went! Tracy & Jason are both outdoor enthusiasts, loving to be out camping, on the water, etc together. So we went location scouting and selected just the right spots at both the JC Raulston Arboretum and Historic Yates Mill County Park. Three outfits were worked out – a dress, a flowy top and then soft & cozy. Jason would come in from Georgia to join us. And of course, Jessica was scheduled to be here for Tracy’s hair and make-up, bringing out her beautiful features and helping her feel her best both before the session and also to keep her touched up throughout!

As luck would have it, while preparing for our session, I literally pulled out my back just hours before we were set to start! Oh yes I did and it was B-A-D. I’ve actually never experienced that kind of back pull before and I had no idea what to expect. Ken & the kids were out of town visiting Grandma and I had to figure it out… quick! THANK GOODNESS for amazing talented friends to the rescue!! I pushed through the majority of the session but only by the amazing support of Jessica and my dear sweet friend, Eabby of Eabby Verhoeven Photography who met us with that little notice to back me up! In fact, the final look by the mill and waterfall is all her – I just couldn’t get even 2 steps down the coble stone hill to the spot we’d planned. So this session comes to you with an extra special amount of THANKS & credit to these ladies!!

Congratulations to Tracy & Jason who have since become parents to their sweet baby boy, Vance! Their happy new family is all together in Georgia now and I’m so pleased that I was able to capture this special time in their lives…


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