Special Mini… Sweet Jake is ONE!

You may remember these precious sweetie pies from their family mini session back in the fall. Well… this young fella is 1 already!! To celebrate, I marched my camera up the street (a whole 3 houses 😉 ) to their home & great back yard to capture a bit of this special time in his growth. We got some of big sis & both of them together as well. LOL… and oh my… she knows how to ham it up when my camera comes out. I was LOVIN it!!! My buddy, Jake did a great job at flashing me those cute lil’ 1 year old toofers & adorable eyes himself! And that quilt they are on… their Mama’s grandmother made it for her! It goes beautifully with their navy & white ensembles (again… LOVE!)

I must share a couple other special treats about this family… one super sweet friend knew how much they value their photos & memories, that not even knowing that we already had a session in the works, she contacted me to purchase a gift certificate as a birthday present instead of more toys or something like that. Have to say – that just melted my heart & really touched me! AND… as if that wasn’t cool enough to see such thoughtfulness… when I got to their home & walked into their living room, I was greeted by a wall of photos framed & hung beautifully over the sofa! One of our family shots from their fall session was the centerpiece & oh… just totally gave me goosebumps!! I adore that they treasure their images & display them and on a personal level for me, um yeah – it’s always SO cool to see my art in someone’s home… pretty darn special!

So, let’s get straight to those sweet smiling faces! Enjoy…

Okay… so, I know these don’t show their sweet smiles but I just adored the little details of their youth & HAD to throw them in as well! 😀 …

Click HERE to see more of these sweetie pies!

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