Our Dear Freinds… The Field’s

We all have ‘forever friends’ & to say that the Field’s are our forever friends is a blessing we are SO lucky to have! They have been friends with Ken since he lived in their cul-de-sac with his now ex-wife (yup!  😉 ). She got the house & he got the friends! And boy did that work out well for me!!  😀 They were the very 1st friends that he introduced me to the very 1st week that we started dating… we’ve been friends ever since! Sometimes we’re in touch regularly & other times life with families gets in the way and it’s literally monthS before we can find some time to catch up… but we always know the other is there! Donna & I try (oh so hard) to find time to at least get our poor little nails done together every couple of months… that is our special catching up girl time & I LOVE it!! Donna is about as beautiful, put together & talented a mama as you could ever meet! (see the gorgeous jewelry I’m wearing in my profile pic! … she made it – sure did!!  😀 ). On one of our lovely nail outings we got to talking about my photography plans and without hesitation, Donna offered their family for me to do my very 1st true session on! AND… to keep it challenging – we did it with not one but two horses as well! It was such a blast!!! I’ll forever be thankful to them for believing in me and giving me such a wonderful & fun experience to start of this journey with!!

Click HERE to view a slideshow of even more highlights from this gallery!

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