The Fantastic Avent Family

Meet the Avent Family… I was contacted by Stephanie to do this session for her mother-in-law, Brenda’s (aka “Mimi” by her precious grand-babies 🙂 ) Mother’s Day present. We met at Brenda’s house… a family home that her children had grown up in, surrounded by gorgeous lush landscaping & a beautiful sunny day!! I’ll be honest… I was a bit intimidated by the quantity of people in one session, but if there’s one thing I’ve done since the start of this venture – it’s to challenge myself & grow by facing each situation that arises. My insecurities with this new situation quickly faded as we started working through each group. They truly couldn’t have made it any easier on me… this family of parents/grandparents, 5 grown children, 3 spouses & 3 grand-babies were an absolute DELIGHT!! Friendly, charming, personable & sweet as they could be… they were certainly raised well & passing along the love to the next generation of lil’ Avents. Even Stephanie’s poor little one had been suffering from horrible sinus type issues but was such a sweet little trooper!! We floated through each group, catching candids as well and before I knew it, our session was complete! (Okay… I admit – I was bummed work was done so soon and wanted to stay & hang out with this fantastic family longer 🙂 ). I left them joyfully playing with the kids and a ball in the backyard… all enjoying each other’s company and having a wonderful family afternoon together! Doesn’t get much better than that!!

Here is your gorgeous family, Brenda… I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day with all your family in town and that you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed working on them!…

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the highlights from this gallery!

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