Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2016… Cat


Our Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2016… Cat White!

Cat’s session was planned for the ever fabulous, ‘The Glass Box‘ in downtown Raleigh. However, once her hair & make-up was beautifully finished by Kevin Driver at studioKray, we had some extra time! As we rode down Glenwood, Kevin (also the Director of the MNCOTeen program) called me… “Did you see that Cat mural?! We HAVE to go back!!”… and so we did! Yes, we captured Cat with the Cat! As it turns out, “Sprinkles (the bobcat)”, painted by Artist: Lisa Ann Gaither and located at C. Grace is part of the Raleigh Murals Project! From there, we still had a little more time, so we captured a few shots in front of the ABC11 News Station along Fayetteville Street (and from a few texts received… they captured us live as well! đŸ˜‰ ).

We were into The Glass Box perfectly in time for Sunset as we’d dreamed! It went fast but we caught a few stunning shots while we could. Cat wore an elegant black gown from Jewel’s Formals that went perfectly with our downtown glam feel. Through these years that I’ve worked with the MNCOTeen program, I’ve always been impressed with the extraordinary relationship the girls & their director have so we certainly wanted to capture that as well. Cat & Kevin posed for some glamorous shots AND also gave us opportunity for some more fun shots that show their personality & relationship adorably! Before finishing, Miss North Carolina, McKenzie Faggart arrived to join us for a few images as well. As luck would have it… a fire alarm went off in the building shortly after we got started. It sure did! So we finished a couple super quick shots & had to head out. We’ve come to expect ‘something’ crazy to happen at each of these sessions & this time was no different. They’ll certainly always be memorable beyond the images even!!

Thanks so much to Cat, McKenzie & Kevin… also Cat’s mom, Amy & the awesome folks at The Glass Box!  I look forward to seeing you all again soon!



You can also check out Cat’s session video, including behind the scenes fun, on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/LwjwmNiYKUE!






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