Kate & Kenzie… Miss North Carolina & Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2015

It’s Pageant Week for Miss North Carolina & Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen! The very beautiful, Kate PeacockMcKenzie Hansley, are spending the last few days of their reign spreading their sparkle & charm throughout downtown Raleigh, along with all the fabulous 2016 contestants!

You may remember Kenzie’s beautiful individual session back in the fall?! Well, we’ve actually had the opportunity to work with both her and Kate twice since then! Both times, in preparation for their amazing program book & therefore, understandably… under wraps. However, the big week is here and that also means we can now share too!

Our first session, around Memorial Auditorium, where the pageant is held, was at the very beginning of March. It was quite a dreary grey day out. And, as luck would have it – once again, with an unexpected event going on in the background (we did check ahead of time!). This duo made the most of it anyway, bringing their own sunshine & laughter! Luckily, we also had our hero, Jacob, to step in (kneel in 😉 ) & MAKE our only option for pretty pink flowers & color in the background possible!! The second session was held in late April. This time, at one of their other sponsors – the very cool Aloft Raleigh hotel on Hillsborough Street and featured outfits by another awesome sponsor, Cousin Couture! It’s quite an honor to be chosen for our 2nd year as the Table of Contents image and have numerous of our images throughout their program… Thank you!!!

As anyone that follows us knows… we are huge on personal connection, experiences & memories! And oh how we loved seeing both how the girls interacted with each other and how amazing their support team is with them. In particular, Kevin Driver (Director, Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen & Vice President, Miss North Carolina), Jacob Godwin (Director of Marketing & Media) and Beth Knox (Executive Director, Miss North Carolina). So we simply had to include some of our favorite adorable behind the scenes moments into this blog too!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Kenzie & Kate on a wonderful term! And best of luck to all the 2016 hopefuls! We are excited to once again, be an official sponsor of MNCOTeen and look forward to working with you in the coming year!




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