Here is the beautiful Anna’s 1:1 session!!! You’ve already learned lots from her Fab Grad Spokesmodel Feature Blog (& if not, definitely go check it out too!). What you don’t know yet is that she pushed through her classes with determination & graduated early already! Yes she did! She achieved her diploma in January of this year and is, as I type this, enjoying her graduation present travels in England before she settles into her next steps!

Here’s where we capture who ANNA is, how she dreams of being portrayed in portraits… how she wishes for this time of her life to be treasured forever. It was quite the array of looks that I lovingly refer to as the ‘all the sides of Anna’  session. Okay, well, a handful of fabulous ones anyway – we could spend years and never capture ALL the aspects that make her beautiful. We started with a very important look… clean, simple, natural, beautiful HER! Backlit at the window in my office, she glowed with such beauty & grace. We then moved on to her baby… her sweet puppy, Nugget!! She is a very special & significant part of Anna’s world and it was important that we include her in some of her images as well. After these 2, we got more extreme… we did a play look, a total experiment as it was our first time doing one… DRY ICE! This was to capture her dark, edgy side. And oh, how it was fabulously fun!! I’ll admit, we’ve got some practicing to do on the laying down poses… we greatly appreciate Anna & her mom playing with us & letting this be a part of her day! Last but definitely by no means least, came her retro candy shop look. I think I squealed when she asked to do this one!! We found some amazing vintage rental props from Greenhouse Picker Sisters (LOVE them!!), got a bright fun polka dot backdrop and went to town. Anna & her mom even picked up an array of candy, bubble gum & old fashioned soda pop (which, um yeah… turned out to be rather gross from what I understand 😉 ). I don’t think this portion of her session could’ve been any more fun & what a great way to wrap it up!

I’m so very pleased to share Anna’s session with y’all… Enjoy!

Thanks so much to Joanne Maye, Joanne Maye Makup Artistry for Anna’s stunning Hair & Makeup! And as always, our Assistant Extraordinaire, Nola Grace Brown, for being my right hand person & capturing our behind the scenes!

You may check out Anna’s condensed session highlights video, including behind the scenes on YouTube at .


  1. Karen W Parrish

    Jen, we appreciate the care you took in making Anna’s 1:1 session so special and memorable!! We love every photo….thank you!

    • Aww! THANK YOU, Karen!! I’ve come to adore y’all so very much & am very thankful to have had this opportunity to both capture your amazing girl & find forever friendships in y’all!

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