Mary & Nick… A Beautiful Wedding!

What a beautiful day for Mary & Nick! Their love radiates and oh my goodness do they keep each other happy… I can’t even tell you how many images I have of them giggling & laughing & just simply enjoying each other… not posed that way for my camera but so purely & naturally! It was a touching thing to witness in person and again as I worked my way through their images. They had an intimate ceremony at the WRAL Azalea Gardens in Raleigh, followed by a beautifully put together reception at Mary’s mom’s house in Apex. And oh my, are they surrounded by love as well… from Mary’s sweet & entertaining son, Braden to both of their wonderful families who were in attendance and even their officiant, a childhood friend of Mary’s.

And for me… WOW… what a life changing experience this most beautiful of days was! When I asked for a couple to give me a chance at a wedding, I had no idea ALL the blessings that would come of it…

This was yes, my very first wedding to officially photograph. I’ve never even been a ‘2nd shooter’, let alone primary at a wedding. It was a long exhausting day AND ohhh absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST work day of my entire life!!! It was quite the learning opportunity – to actually experience doing a wedding, but also to see how in my element I was, how much I loved it and to see what exactly I am capable of already. There is, of course, so much more I want & need to learn & build on. But even without considering my inexperience… I couldn’t possibly be prouder of my final results! Then there is Mary & Nick themselves… my newest of friends! Through our correspondence leading up to the wedding, Mary and I discovered all the similarities we share and found quite the kindred spirits in each other. When I met up with Mary & Nick before the wedding… we talked & laughed for hourS (to the point that Ken wondered if I was coming home that evening 😉 ). I will be forever bonded to these two and thankful not only for the opportunity they gave me by trusting in me with such a special day in their lives, but also for the great people I have found them to be and the times that I know are ahead of us as friends!

I sit here crying as I watch the completed slideshow and compose this blog… so moved by all that I have shared above & more! THANK YOU, Mary & Nick!! I hope that you love the photographic memories I have captured of your beautiful day…

Congratulations, Mary & Nick… may you have a lifetime of love, happiness, laughter & many, many more beautiful memories to be made!

Click HERE to view a slideshow of these & many more highlights from this event!

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