I’m SO pleased to introduce y’all to Lindsay!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay at the Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Work Weekend Headshot event that I did back in March. As Miss Stanly County’s Outstanding Teen, she was in the last group that I got to work with but was definitely among the girls that stood out that day. The girls then had an opportunity to enter into a drawing to win a session with us…  and Lindsay turned out to be our winner! So, to say I was thrilled when her name was drawn would be an understatement. Apparently the excitement was mutual as I’ve been told stories of squealing in Target when she got my text 😉 .

That was only the beginning though (& as I write that, I feel as though I’m writing about someone I’ve known for yearS, not only a few months)…

Being that they are a few hours away, we did Lindsay’s pre-consult meeting via FaceTime. I think it lasted about twice as long as most. We chatted for a LONG time, that’s for sure! The connection was instant with both her & her mom, Paula. So much so that we even offered for them to stay the night with us before her session & again for their reveal. They are lifetime kinda friends.

This session itself was SO fabulous! In addition to her obviously beautiful side, Lindsay also has a quirky side & loved the idea of doing a 50’s vibe that captured a variety of what makes her, HER… all in a way that still brings them somewhat current too. As you’ll see below, we started with a classic glamour vibe… yellow & white floral dress with blue shoes! Her platform colors are yellow & blue so this had significant meaning to her. As luck would have it that day… it rained! We lucked out though & were able to capture just enough for what we needed, have a little sprinkling and then back to the parking deck to change up looks as it down-poured (& OH MY did it!!). We then did a more cool Greaser style look that turned cute from heels to yellow chucks & tee! Stunning & Adorable… Yes & Yes! She rocked em ALL!! Wrapping up our session, we moved on up to The Parlour, an adorable ice cream shop that was kind enough to allow us to capture this one there… sweet & fun & perfect. Lindsay is a fellow lover of photography, so we simply had to incorporate some cute shots of this side of her in before heading inside for some fabulously delicious ice cream!!

Here are some of our fav’s from this June session. Enjoy!!…

Special thanks to Joanne Maye, Joanne Maye Makeup Artistry for Lindsay’s stunning Hair & Makeup and Assistant Extraordinaire, Nola Grace Brown, for helping out behind the scenes! Then, of course, we must also thank The Parlour!!! Y’all were awesome & such a treat to have as part of this session!

You can see more from out highlights of Lindsay’s Session Video on our YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/sK0VOYn0R-A

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