Headshot Fun… Megan


I’m so pleased to share with y’all, our images of the ever so fabulous, Megan Huff!

As I was preparing for an opportunity to go capture headshots of all 46 Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen contestants at their ‘Work Weekend’, I found myself in need of more examples of my (somewhat) new indoor work to show. You know, with like a week until the event left. When my contact asked if I’d be interested in working with former contestant, Megan Huff, I immediately & excitedly said “Oh, heck YES!”. I’d only met Megan very briefly once before, however, when she & her mom started following me on social media a couple years ago… I’d followed them back. And, as social media often goes – you start to feel like you know even your virtual ‘friends’ to a degree. I couldn’t have been more thrilled or appreciative to have her come!

Not only did Megan drive all the way up to our home studio from Pinehurst, she brought an awesomely huge armful of clothes, big bag of accessories & an incredibly positive self!! She even arrived having done her own hair & make-up FLAWLESSLY. Breakfast snacks were waiting upon her arrival, we got to chat, look through outfits and then start shooting. It was probably one of the most relaxed & wonderful sessions I’ve ever done. We simply worked our way through her looks & backdrops – trying out different things but without any pressure or time constraints. We tried out our beautiful new flower wall that Nola Grace had made. We even broke out the fan!! A little ways in, our friend & Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Director, Kevin joined us. As always, he added another level of fun, along with his hair & make-up talents!

From cute, playful & fun to serious & oh so stunning… Megan ROCKED each & EVERY look FABULOUSLY!!!

I have been quite lucky to have actually adored pretty much all of my clients & sessions to date quite dearly. Most of them have become & stayed friends and I look back at each session with such fond memories! Though not even an official ‘client’, there is something about this one & the results of it, that are right up there with my all time FAVS! LOL… so much so that despite them pretty much being just for my own marketing use – I couldn’t even narrow down my editing work to less than these 24. I simply adored them that much that I had to keep & finish all of these! I think this session is also probably special as, though she didn’t know it, this came at a time where I was honestly coming out of a bit of an ‘artists slump’ you could say, a phase where I was really struggling with my confidence in my work and my ability to figure out how on earth to get clients to start seeing that I even exist & book me. And if we’re being really honest – hurting deep down & a bit lost feeling over it. This session & Megan’s genuine kindness gave me a new found pride & joy in my work that I’d been needing to not just finish pulling up my boot straps & getting out of that yucky phase but to take a flying leap out of it!

This beautiful & fabulous young lady is about to graduate High School and will be heading off to Meredith College here in Raleigh this fall. While there, she’ll be continuing her love of the YoungLife program through leadership. And… I’m quite certain, should she choose to, her path also holds being destined to be a future Miss America!

Thank you, Megan… for traveling all this way, for your time, your openness to come to my rescue with minimal notice, your warm smile, kind & engaging spirit and so much more!!! I look forward to hopefully seeing you again someday very soon! In the meantime, I hope you love these images as much as I do…


And… some simply adorable outtakes from our behind the scenes fun with Kevin!

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