Sweet Caroline at 6 months…

Meet Caroline & her mom, Leighann… We lucked out with quite the beautiful day at Pullen Park and Caroline was just as sweet as she could be through the entire session! I just have to say… she’s just the most adorable little baby doll!! And check out the hair… and the eyes… and the flawless skin 🙂 .

This session was extra special to me, partly because mom has been a very good friend to my sister for many years, but also because they are a military family and dad is overseas serving our country. While my dad never had to serve in a war, as a 20 year ‘army brat’ myself, I know what it’s like to be separated from your Daddy while he’s away and kept getting choked up while working on these. I can’t even imagine what Caroline’s Daddy goes through being away from her, but hope that these photos of his very beautiful favorite girls bring him some comfort from home!

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the entire gallery!

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