Oh, Kathy! SO VERY Fabulous… Kathy! Talented graphic artist, jewelry designer, dog lover & so much more. I’m thrilled to share this long time friend with y’all!

Kathy has been a friend of my husband’s since their college days; and a friend of mine since, well… since I met him myself! I’ve always found her quite entertaining & full of wit and obviously, beautiful! This past year, I’ve also learned even more about her character and incredible strength as a woman! Her story is not for me to share, and is really beside the point… what matters is that she has held strong, she has persevered, she has been a good, giving person and she has continued to find her way back to smiling over & over again no matter what has come her way.

Indulging my vision of a sunrise session for Kathy, everyone were quite the troopers. Annnndddd… being that she lives in Zebulon that meant leaving home around 4/4:15ish in the morning for each of us! I know – I’m such a meany. Kathy being the amazing hostess that she is, had food & coffee waiting though and Denise got right to work on her hair & make-up. Once her initial look was ready, we all headed out to the old home in Franklinton where we would spend the rest of our morning. It’s owned by a relative of someone she knows and as you can imagine, we were quite thankful for the opportunity they gave us in allowing our session! We began out on the grounds so that we could capture what sunrise there was that morning. Our insanely early start to the day proved SOO worth it! As I had my heart set on, it was beautifully symbolic as Kathy glowed in the strong light of the sun rising and the fresh start of morning time (and she is totally cracking up at me right now – I know how corny that sounded but it’s true! #sorrynotsorry 😉 ). We moved inside to capture some of the awesomeness this old home had to share with us. Then, completed her first look by slipping into some chucks, a white tee and some giggles in the barn to REALLY capture her personality. SO FUN!! Her other look was relaxed & cool… jeans, some awesome boots, a pretty cream top & ok, my blanket that was intended to keep her warm but ended up looking fabulous ‘on’ her… so we rolled with it 😀 . In both looks, you’ll see some detail shots of her jewelry. This is because Kathy is an incredibly talented jewelry designer & maker and they simply had to be shown off!!

Would you believe me if I also shared with you that this stunning woman turned 50 this year? It’s true. Goodness gracious, do I hope I look half this good when I get to 50 (not so far around the corner myself). I chose not to lead with that detail, as it is the least of her many amazing qualities. The only reason really that I share it, is because I want our women peers reading this to see that you can do sessions like this for yourself at any age. It is neither vain nor egotistical. It is self-empowering and an experience to be enjoyed. I believe deeply that it is something every woman should do for themselves and sure, for those that love you too! Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. Allow yourself to see the beauty that another can see in you!

I couldn’t be more in love with everything about this session!! I hope you enjoy the images that we created…


Thanks so much to Denise Hutter of Images by Denise for Kathy’s Hair & Makeup! As always, our Assistant Extraordinaire, Nola Grace Brown, for being such an awesome right hand person & also capturing our behind the scenes! The awesome folks that let us hold our session here! And last but not least, Kathy herself for trusting me to capture who I see in her! Love ya, girl!

Check out Kathy’s session video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/sZ-sBqyszIc

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