Dance Portraits with Atlanta Ballet Group Dancers


I have loved dance ever since I was little, and have thoroughly enjoyed capturing it through my daughter & the beautiful Seniors I work with. It simply makes my heart sing!! (or, well, twirl 😉 ) It is certainly a genre of photography that I wish to be a regular part of my work. So when I happened to see a post come across my Facebook wall last summer for a Dance Portraits class… I knew I HAD to go! Didn’t matter that it was in another state or what arrangements I’d need to figure out to make it happen… I was going.

Last fall I had the privilege of attending that very PPA ‘Super-One-Day’ course in Atlanta, Georgia! The class was taught by the very talented photographer, Judy Host. In addition to her wealth of knowledge, she shared with us, 2 fabulous Atlanta Ballet dancers that she works with, Alexis Arria & Keith J. Reeves. We listened, watched & learned from Judy and then got to implement, as she watched, interacted & guided just to the right amount. Alexis & Keith couldn’t have been more incredible… they posed & danced & changed & repeated… all day long for us! Talking to them between sets, they are also as kind & personable as they are stunning! With such a teacher & models, numerous outfits, backdrop & lighting set-ups we had a wonderful & valuable time as we each grew our skills in the art of beautiful dance portraits!

What a truly special treat to meet & learn from each of you… THANK YOU!! I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again some day. In the meantime, here are my favorites of the images that I captured from this experience. Enjoy…


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