Fab Grad… Audra of Franklin Academy‘s, Class of 2016 is here for y’all to enjoy! You probably remember Audra from her Fab Grad Spokesmodel Spotlight and now it’s time for her personally planned 1:1 session.

For this talented and artistic girl of an NC State Family, it was only natural that we do some of her session at the NC State Free Expression Tunnel. Also a dancer and wanting to capture this key piece of her world we used this area to capture both a dramatic dance look and a more every day dance look. And I couldn’t have had more fun watching her pose and the way she moved & flowed with such graceful beauty! Once we had completed our goals at NC State, we headed over to Pullen Park before they opened for the day and had such a beautiful morning to work with! We captured by trees, on bridges, by the pond, on the train & even in the carousel (once it opened, of course)!

It’s been such a pleasure to have Audra in my program this year, work with her in our Fab Grad session and again now in her own personal session. As I look forward to seeing her as the Snow Queen in City Ballet‘s Nutcracker in a few weeks, I hope to enjoy many years of watching her dance and knowing her & her mom!



You can also check out Audra’s session video on YouTube at

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