The Fantastic Clark Family…

What a fabulous session with the Clark Family at the NC Museum of Art! This was truly a treat… a beautiful family inside & out and to top it off – what a great location they asked for! And… oh my, check out how perfectly they dressed for the setting! Love the black & white coordination while still showing individual style/personality.

It’s shamefully been many years since I’ve been to the Museum of Art (which will never be the case again 😉 ) and was thrilled at the different feel & variety it offered me to play with! Very appropriately – a great place for me to expand my own art & creativity! Just in the areas we were able to get to – lots of angles & contrast, beauty & uniqueness. (As you might be able to tell – LOL) Absolutely in love with the bright & strong mirror paneled building walls… set against lush green grass & trees! It’s just… yep, you guessed it… FABULOUS!!! 🙂

Enjoy :)…

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the entire final gallery from this session!

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