Sweet Logan at 5 Months…

Here’s sweet lil’ Mr Logan!! Isn’t he adorable?!!  And as sweet as he looks too! He did make us all work for his smiles that morning but boy were they worth it! As were the moments between the smiles… check out these great expressions & the quiet moments too… ah, precious little boy-ness!!

These were done at Duke Gardens & in a new area that I actually hadn’t realized was there until that morning (it’s kinda tucked in back behind the welcome center & parking) but OH MY am I glad I did!! WOW is this area amazing… and… has a good bit of variety as well! I love it & can guarantee y’all will see plenty more sessions from this area 🙂

There were many images that I loved from this session, however, have to say… artistically & as a Mama, this one kept standing out to me…

Click HERE to view a slideshow of the entire gallery!

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