Gracie’s 3rd Birthday Party

Lizzy & I met Gracie & her mama, Jess, at the beginning of “Carolina Tots” (mommy & me) Dance Class when Lizzy was only 16 months old. The 1st couple months of that year, there were weeks when we were the only two mommy/daughters there and kinda quietly bonded over the year. Two other Mom’s/Daughters joined as the year went on and we have been lucky to stay friends all this time! While not in the same class at the moment, our girls still go to dance classes there and we try to get together when possible. I just love seeing Lizzy have these sweet, sweet friends and grow with them! Our daughters are all going on 3 now (WOW!), starting with sweet Grace, who had a FUN art themed birthday party earlier this month!

Click HERE to view slideshow images from this event!

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