Fall Family Fun… Downey Family

Capturing memories for this Raleigh family was definitely my idea of a fun fall afternoon! We set it up as a mini lifestyle like session, unsure of how well the son would do or not… and it quickly became a fully loaded variety packed session. Turned out, we had absolutely nothing to worry about with this young man – he was a complete bundle of fun! (and… I must add a little side note – he had even asked for a tie to wear like Dad! HOW cute is THAT?!!)

We started simple on the front steps, but before I knew it… were running around the front yard, climbing the slide, swinging and back to the front for some more running, leaf fun & family play. Before I knew it we were done and it’s quite possible I may have giggled with delight through pretty much the entire session! This family was simply fantastic & have such a great connection!!

Sit back, enjoy & be prepared to smile!…


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