JMP Fab Grad 2019 Spokesmodel Spotlight… Sydney!!


It’s time to get started on introducing y’all to our amazing Class of 2019 Spokesmodels! Our very first spotlight… Sydney Ross from Garner Magnet High School is an excellent young lady to get things rolling with…

Sydney was referred to us, fabulously enough by another photographer friend of theirs that had seen my ad via a mutual friend of hers & mine… you just gotta love how small the world really is & how we can all be brought together in unexpected ways! I’m so thankful for Theresa, as Sydney has been QUITE the delightful addition to our group!! Starting things off with a solid first impression – of all the applicants over the years that have been asked ‘why would they make a great spokesmodel’, Sydney had the most spot on answer; showing such a clear understanding of the program, I think I’ve probably ever seen. She describes herself as courageous, a leader & independent with a laid back & relaxed sense of style. She has a passion for people and loves working with others, youth in particular… feeling good about setting an example for those to come & being a role model. My own daughter certainly took to her instantly! Sydney also feels the first thing people notice about her is her personality – that she’s nice, outgoing, friendly and ‘always in a positive spirit’. So far… this has been our exact experience with her! I enjoy every opportunity I’ve had to chat with & get to know both her and her family, only wishing that we had more frequent opportunities!

When it comes to hobbies & interests – Sydney’s plate is pretty impressively full! She began dancing at the age of 3, joining DanZe Zone in Garner 9 years ago and earning numerous awards & recognition. Some of her more recent highlights are being a principle dancer in her school production of Cinderella and being in IB Dance (the highest level of dance offered at her school). Sydney’s other greatest hobby is writing. Something she’s known she would pursue since Kindergarten. For her, it’s a stress reliever & way to express her emotions on paper. Poetry is a significant love of hers as “it is the most soothing way to ease built up emotions.” Also a participant in the WRAL Explorer Post 5 Program, she & other teenagers are allowed the opportunity to work & learn about the field of broadcasting. She is a member of the National Beta Club; currently Junior Class Project Director, responsible for making students aware of all the activities that are taking place throughout the community; and has been voted Senior Class Secretary for the coming year!



When asked about her experience with the program so far, here’s what Sydney had to say…

  • What appeals to her about Jen’s work/style… “I like Mrs. Jen’s personality and her passion for photography. I really am drawn by her dance gallery. I have been dancing since the age of 3 and have only had pictures taken twice when I was a lot younger. I was really pleased by the professionalism in her work.”
  • Favorite part of our spokesmodel session… “My favorite part of our session was being able to spend time with one another before our photo session. It allowed for us to form friendships that’ll last a lifetime.
  • Favorite part of working with Jen & team… “My favorite part of working with Jen and the JMP team was how considerate and caring for everyone they were. Everyone was all loving and caring for one another.”
  • Why her peers should come to Jen for their portraits… “I think my friends should come to Jen for their portraits for the experience. Yes, there are tons of places to get your senior portraits packages from, but you won’t endure the fun and awesome experience that you get from Jen and JMP team anywhere else. “
  • What she’s looking forward to in her upcoming 1:1 session… “I look forward to my 1:1 session with Jen and the JMP team. With my senior year approaching, it is time to close the book and start a new chapter of life. In my 1:1 session, I want to be able to capture this moment to cherish forever and I know Jen and her team will do just that. “



Fun & Fab Scoop on Sydney’s FAV things:

Sydney’s future aspirations include attending a 4 year university majoring in Broadcast Communication with a focus in Journalism. As mentioned above, she has known since a very early age that writing was a passion for her, and one that hasn’t wavered; only grown with maturity as she’s discovered her passion for people & inspiring others. With a deep desire and passion to also learn more about herself and her ancestors; becoming truly knowledgeable of her background & accepting of who she is, she will also double major in African American studies. I’d say she has a pretty amazing head start… Sydney created the Change the Type movement (short for ‘Changing the Stereotype’)! “I created Change the Type as a way to promote a positive message in the young African American Community. In today’s society, the media often portrays such a negative connotation of the African American society. Therefore, I decided a change must be made.” With the help of her family and friends, Sydney filmed & produced a PSA to encourage young African Americans like herself to change the stereotype. Her message being: “Just because Society says you must act a certain way, you can make the choice to change this stereotype. You do not have to fit in, you were created to stand out!” She is certainly setting quite the impressive example of this!!!

In a short period of time, I have truly come to adore Sydney so very much!! I just know that you will too… be sure to check back in the coming months to see Sydney’s upcoming personal Fab Grad Session… and read her very own GUEST BLOG all about her experience!



If you see Sydney at school or around town, don’t miss the opportunity to take a moment to chat with her… it will truly enhance your day! Feel free to reach out to her or myself if interested in getting your own Fab Grad (Senior) Portrait Session booked! She even has 10% discount off your commission fee to share… BONUS!! 😀

Special Thanks & Credits…
Hair: Shabowanna Parker
Make-up: Denise Hutter / Images by Denise
Location: Jen Mink Photography Studio, Raleigh
Outfit: Amazon
Additional Thanks: Ashley Keefe & Meredith Glover

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