My Tyler has had a very hard road this past year or so. Due to reasons I can’t/won’t explain on here, among other things – he hasn’t been able to be in school. We decided it was time to stop waiting & help him get his education caught up regardless of situations beyond our control!! So, of his own motivation… he bought a book on preparing for your GED & started recording ‘the GED Connection’ on TV. He then took his placement test at our local community college in December and started their GED program at the beginning of January. Despite having Aspergers & ADHD, the situation that has kept him from school weighing on him and only getting to be in school through 9th grade + very little of 10th… he has already completed and passed ALL of his GED requirements & tests!! I was able to pull up the scores on Tuesday & when I showed him, he literally wrapped his arms around me and wept tears of joy & relief for a while!! Due to the Asperger’s, I guess, & well… being a teen boy! he is not one to show affection very easily – especially not to ‘ol’ Mama’ 😉 . So, it was a VERY moving moment to have my taller than me 6’3 son embrace me like that… certainly a moment I’ll remember forever!

Yesterday, he got his diploma in the mail & I have to say, I have not seen him this happy in a long, LONG time!! He is relieved, proud of himself (rightfully so) & hopeful that he might still have a future ahead of him. I know that I couldn’t be any prouder of him! I am so very proud of the character that he has shown in persevering through difficult times, becoming a better person instead of giving up & letting major obstacles defeat him or sending him into being a bad person and for then also pushing through & following his dreams too! Trying to give him any of the experiences we can ourselves – I’ll do some more planned “Sr Portraits” when the weather gets nicer and then the school actually holds a very nice graduation with cap & gown in May… but for now, here’s a few pics I snapped of my very proud (& rightfully so) happy Tyler & his diploma…

You are such a fine young man, I’m truly SO proud of you & I LOVE YA, Tyler!!!

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