T’s Light Eclair Cake

So… Tyler called up to me the other evening: “Mama! How would you like me to make you an ECLAIR cake?!”… Me: “Heck yeah – Is it diet?!”

Of course, the answer was ‘uh, no I don’t think so!’. So… I challenged him to find a way to make it healthier! If he could make it yummy AND light then I would blog his cake on here 😀

YUP – it was YUMMY!

AND here’s the nutritional breakdown (other than the carbs, not too bad for a dessert):

  • Calories: 264.8
  • Total Fat: 6.5g
  • Total Carbs: 48.6g ( 🙁 )
  • Protein: 3.5g
  • Iron: 7.1%

Apologies – I have NO idea where he got the recipe from, he had it written down in a notebook… but this is what he had for anyone that would like to try it 🙂 …

  • Using a 13×9 baking dish make one layer with gram cracker squares from:
    • 16 ounce box of Low Fat Graham Cracker squares
  • In medium mixing bowl, whisk together:
    • 2 (3 1/2 ounce) packages of Instant Sugar Free Fat Free Vanilla Pudding Mix
    • 8 ounces Thawed Frozen Cool Whip Free
    • 3 cups Skim Milk
  • Spread half of mixture evenly over squares
  • Add another layer of crackers
  • Add remaining pudding mixture
  • Top with final layer of gram crackers
  • Spread:
    • 16 ounce tub of chocolate frosting (this is where I think it could go ‘lighter’ if also homemade with light ingredients 🙂 )
  • Over the whole cake up to the edges of the pan
  • Cover cake and chill for 4 hours before serving

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