My 3 Year Old Lil’ Dragon :)

Time for a personal share :)…

So, my sweet baby, my Trey-man, asked me the other week for the very 1st time: “Mama, Can you take another picture of me?” Any of my photog friends, in particular, will totally get what a momentous occasion this is! See, our kids have this thing we call ‘photographers child syndrome’ & it’s oh so very not made up or exaggerated! It turns them into our most challenging, uncooperative subjects imaginable! Seeing a sign that they are coming out of this is cause for celebration!! 😀

In addition to his Photographer’s Child Syndrome, my little fella has also been suffering from… “The 3’s”!!!! They are so worse than those “Terrible 2’s” and just miserable… for him & us. Everything is “No”, “Not Good”, “No I Not”, angry snarly faces, spitty, hitty, attitude-y, fussy agitated moods. Every.Single.Day. It’s hard to see him this way… we know the sweet, wonderful, cuddly sides to him but they’ve haven’t been coming out very often for quite a while now. It’s extremely hard to deal with him, to enjoy outings or doing things together… but it’s even harder to see him feeling like this. I can’t even imagine being 3 again & do imagine that I’d probably act the same way… you are getting more active & interactive, but yet don’t have the full understanding or vocabulary to totally express what you’re feeling, wanting, going through, etc. It’s just gotta be tough.

Being the full blown boy that he is, he LOVES Dragons… Toothless & Gronkles in particular (from How to Train Your Dragon). So we had a Dragon’s themed birthday party in August & being the love to theme it out Mama that I am… I ordered a custom Toothless Dragon Cape for him off of Etsy! Wouldn’t you?! 😉 I know, I know… I have issues… but seriously, check out how great this thing is… fabulously stitched in ribbing & made perfectly to his size, it’s even soft & snuggly too! (you can get one for your lil’ dragon from Emily at the EpicInspiration Etsy shop… she’s AWESOME!!). THEN… despite all my excitement & confidence that it was the perfect surprise, he’d love it & probably have to be bribed to take it off… I, of course, got all his favorite current responses! Yuppers… he refused to wear it! And he continued to refuse to wear it for 2 months!

All of a sudden, we seem to be having a break through!!! He is starting to show signs of moving out of this “phase” to at least some agree-ability 😉 … in addition to asking for another pic the other week, I also finally got him to put the cape on!! So… with both of those stars in alignment… I decided to push my luck AND it worked!!! He let me do pretty much a whole session with him! Yep, it’s TRUE! Was going to take him to the lake for it, but he politely asked to do it at home… so I agreed without hesitation! He was a little hesitant at first (though, gotta confess – I actually L-O-V-E this 1st image just as he was in that moment – so very realistic to his current seriousness!). Then… he started laughing & following my requests & thoroughly enjoying himself… even getting silly & goofy! He was finally enjoying his cape, like A LOT & even enjoying being photographed! It was the very best morning I’ve had, with my sweet lil’ man that I knew was in there, in as long as I can remember (probably since he turned 2 😉 ). It was such a wonderful time & resulted in images that make my heart oh SO very happy… images that make me smile so contently… so much so that it most certainly warranted it’s own blog post! 😀

Here’s the visual results of my Trey’s Toothless Caped Session. Enjoy!…….

Trey-man… while I confess that I pretty much loath “3” or at least the early part of 3, it’s so very much my least favorite stage because of what it obviously does to my poor babies… I do love YOU so very much, my sweet boy – even when hidden behind snarles & all!!! THANK YOU for letting go of the no’s & huffy puffy 3 growls to truly experience & enjoy this time with me! I look forward to more & more days like this ahead of us! 🙂

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