Jen’s Birthday Giveaway!


Hi friends! Today is my 45th Birthday and what I wanted this year was a clean house, quiet family day without running around & a dog (not getting the last one 🙁 ). Oh yeah – and a Very Cherry Ghirardelli® Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory 😀 . There is something else I want though… it is to get more of my peer age women in front of the camera!!

I love, love, love working with all my young ladies. They are fun & delightful &  oh how they do make this old gal feel I’m younger like them sometimes 😉  However, I initially went down this full experience portrait path with the vision of capturing my deer peer aged women. My dream was & still is… To take you out of your everyday running, whether as a mom or business woman or both or something all together different and give you an experience just for you. However, when it comes to my peers, I all too often hear ‘oh, I just need pics of my daughter – we don’t need pics of me’ or ‘I need to loose this’ or ‘wait till that’ or ……. And I get it. I really do. BUT here’s the thing! YOU are so very valuable in this world! Your husband/kids/family/friends/ETC… whoever applies to your world – I can pretty much guarantee that they would BEAM with joy to see beautiful radiant images of YOU! My daughter can tell you herself that she cried when she saw my portraits for the first time! (and yes, I know I need an update myself) See, as much as we think we just need images of them… they genuinely do want & need images of us. No matter what happens in our lives to come, no matter when the time comes that I am gone… my daughter, as well as the rest of my family & friends… my future grandchildren & grandchildren’s grandchildren will forever have images of me where I am strong & confident & feeling my most beautiful! Beautiful printed portraits, which hold the test of time & digital changes, at that! And to me, that is absolutely priceless!!

Beyond others who need images of you to forever cherish… how about you?! The gift of loving yourself enough, or at least allowing yourself to open up to trying… to come in for a day of pampering with us. To have your hair & make-up done by one of my incredibly talented Hair & Make-up artists. To wear clothes that make you happy – whether that be jeans & a white tee or a gorgeous flowing gown… or both! To step in front of my camera and let me capture all the radiant beauty I see within you. Because as corny as it may sound – I genuinely believe that every single woman is BEAUTIFUL! You can tell me all day long that you don’t photograph well or you don’t like this or that about yourself… ok yep, I know… but I’m going to show you the beauty that I do see! Don’t you deserve that?!

SO… for my birthday present to myself, I’m giving a gift to one of you…

I am giving away a VIP Half Day Session & 5 Image Folio Box to one lucky woman! Yes, the session with Hair & Make-up included and your base purchase (you may upgrade from there, paying on the difference as you desire).

Here’s the rules to qualify for the drawing:

  • Must be in your 40’s or up (30’s are ok too 🙂 )
  • Must complete & submit the below form in it’s entirety by midnight Saturday, March 23rd 2019
  • Answer to the last question must be genuine
  • Must be able to travel to our studio in Raleigh, NC for the session
  • Winning session must be held on a weekday in April 2019 (May can be considered if necessary to match up schedules)
  • All entrants will be drawn from qualifying applicants (see above) & their bonus entries (see below) that come in between March 9th 2019 and midnight March 23rd 2019.

BONUS Entry options, once above is completed*:

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  • Check back incase I think of others 😉 😀

*MUST have main entry form submitted in order for us to be able to add & keep track of your bonus entries. **If you already follow/like/subscribe to us, we’ll know that based on your entry from below – don’t worry, you’ll get credit for already doing these things too 🙂 Let’s get started!!…