Reveal & Order Session Scheduling

Reveal & Order Sessions last about an hour, however, we’ve had them last anywhere from 1/2 hr to 2 hours. This is a fun time to get to see the reveal of your awesome images, however, it also doubles as an ordering session while we are here together and should be planned as such… please understand that having to schedule an additional ordering session due to unpreparedness, etc may result in a fee. 

Here are some tips & info to help you be prepared and make the most of the ordering portion of your appointment:

  • Review your client guide, specifically the Collections, prior to arriving for your appointment. You may find an electronic version available for viewing at:
  • This will be your time to review the images, make your selections & purchase, so it is very important that all people involved in making the purchasing decisions be present.
  • Have a basic plan of what you’d like &/or need to purchase and what your budget is. This may change less or more once you see the images, but having an idea of what you’d like to do gives a nice starting point to work off of.
  • As a reminder, your base purchase options are the Folio Box Collections which begin at $975 + tax. the base purchase of a Folio Box has been waived for these sessions. Please do keep in mind that while they are not required, they are still the best option & will receive a discount of your already paid session fee!
  • Your beautiful Folio Box Collection options will be HERE & available to take home the day of meeting!! (assuming payment is received in full & not a Skype Reveal)
  • A la carte options are also available for purchase in addition to your Folio Box Collection. You may reference these items on p24 of our old Fab Grad Guide at:  (passcode: jmp16scg)
  • Check any measurements around the house that you’d like to make sure to fulfill (ie: what size would look nice/fit over your sofa, in the entry or wherever you’re thinking you would like to have images for… if applicable, matching size(s) to pair with already graduated children’s portraits… etc…)
  • Make a list of prints or other items needed for your home &/or office(s), gifts to get for Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Siblings, etc…
  • As well as a list of any special items desired & the specifications for those – holiday cards, mini books, etc.

* Meeting in person is best, however, for clients over an hour away, we’ll be happy to meet with you via Skype if you are unable to come meet in person. You may select this option below.