CDC in Wonderland Cast 2020 Session Details

I am so excited to collaborate with Ms Missy & CDC to capture this special time for those of you cast in the 2020 CDC in Wonderland virtual recital!

Following is all the info & details I could think of to help you prepare for our big day(s). Please do read everything in detail…

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for your date/time availability HERE

Upon sign-up you will receive a Model Release/COVID-19 Notice & Waiver that MUST be completed with parent or legal guardian signature in order to secure your spot. The Model Release is simply standard language that all I’ve worked with sign and the new COVID-19 guidance specifically received from Professional Photographers of America. Please understand that these are very important for both of us and only those with forms completed in advance will be photographed.

To fit everyone in a timely manner & ensure safe distancing, it is important that you arrive in costume ready to go (shoes can of course be put on down by your designated spot – please allow time for this prior to your start time). Normally, we would play around & experiment with different poses and let the images flow organically. However, under the current circumstances, we will need to keep a safe distance from each other & I will not be in position to personally pose you. It is important that you have a few specific poses that you would like to do all prepared in your mind so that we may capture them quickly and get you back on your way home (or to changing for your next costume πŸ˜‰ ).

You may want to consider wearing old dance shoes as not to risk messing up your current ones, especially if your spot is in a grassy or dirt area.


  • Each slot has been allotted 10 minutes as a cushion, however should only take around 5 if each person is prepared as requested. It is very important that you arrive on time & ready to go for your allotted slot.
  • If we are still working with those before you, please keep a safe distance as you await your turn.
  • If you arrive late/not ready, it is not fair to others who have come on time/prepared and we may have to postpone your spot until an opening comes up again (to avoid chancing this, arriving early & waiting in your car until time to simply walk down to your spot is highly recommended).
  • Once you are finished, please head back to your car & on your way. Do not congregate chatting with others. As much as we’d all love to experience this together, to chat & catch up through it – it’s simply not the time or place to do so this time πŸ™ .

I have tried to alot a change window of 20-30 minutes between your spots (dependent on how many we have doing that in each group) to allow time to change but hopefully not leave you bored & waiting (or sweating either) for your remaining turn. For those changes, I have found that most people simply change in their car. You may also use my car if it’s easier. However, I do also have a pop-up changing tent in the back of my car. Should you wish/need to use it – just let me know! Depending on who is there with me, someone can walk up & get it for you or you may need to get it out/toss back in on your own… but you are certainly welcome to utilize it!

Our Session will be held at:

2703 Everett Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607

located 2 blocks west of Cameron Village, just behind Raleigh Little Theatre on Pogue St.

There is street parking, as well as a main parking lot entrance off of Pogue St, where you will walk down from behind the Amphitheater. We have found that the easiest path is just past the white building & to follow it along the back of the Amphitheater & down the ramp into the gardens.

Here is a basic map of the grounds at the Raleigh Rose Gardens & the spots where each characters look is planned.

Here are some quick (not proper) test shot visuals of the spots planned for each Character to help you both in planning & finding us once you arrive…

Please note that the Rose Gardens are currently undergoing Stormwater improvements and there is construction going on. I have personally visited the site this month and there are still plenty of workable areas (as you see above). That being said, DO NOT enter construction areas & use caution when going around them to your designated spots. Due to the construction there is some possibility that a designated spot may have to be changed if their construction areas shift in the days to come. I will keep an eye on this as much as possible & notify you if we need to plan for an alternate spot.

Please do NOT bring multiple people with you. One parent is great, but that should be it… no friends, siblings, etc. My daughter Lizzy will be assisting me on some days (definitely our big Sunday!) & someone from CDC should also be with us. We won’t want more people than that gathered around. I will be using lenses that will allow me to keep a distance between us while capturing you and will be wearing a mask as much as I can (I do have respiratory issues that may cause me to slide it off occasionally to breathe better depending on heat, etc & also have outdoor allergies that might cause me to cough/sneeze on occasion, during which I will certainly have my mask ON & step back). It is appreciated that you & your parent in attendance also wear one as much as possible, other than when you are actually being captured, of course.

As a reminder, you are a representative of CDC & for many of you, CDF. You are expected to behave in a responsible & courteous manner throughout your time at the Gardens. Anyone not doing so will be asked to leave, regardless of whether you have been captured yet or not.

While this is more regimented & quick than normal, coming with a positive attitude, enjoying & making the most of the moments that we do work together will show through in your images!

Please feel free to reach out if I’ve missed something/you have any other questions. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to meeting & working with you!

About your Photographer…

I’m a proud CDC/CDF mom to my own dancer, Lizzy, who joined y’all at CDC at 16 months old & never stopped. She is now 10 & a very active happy member of all 3 companies! I have been a professional photographer for 7 years, specializing in custom portrait experiences for ladies of all ages; am now a Certified Professional Photographer, member of both PPA (Professional Photographers of America) & PPNC (Professional Photographers of North Carolina); and have been recognized by Expertise as one of the Top 20 Portrait Photographers in Raleigh the last 4 years in a row. You may remember me coming in & out of your classes capturing memories for the Studio during Guest Artist Week last Summer & again during one of the fall weekends. Currently, I have closed my studio & taken a step back from the business side of things to focus on health & family for a while, but my love of photography & dance remains… and I’m so excited to work on this special private project for you ladies! If you’d like to learn more about me or see more of my previous work, please feel free to browse this site &/or click image to the left to view my dance specific client guide magazine digitally (you may recognize a few people πŸ˜‰ ).