My Portrait by the Incredible, Sue Bryce

JEN MINK, Owner & Photographer

As you might be able to tell, I'm a total girly girl... proudly embracing my love of purples & pinks & butterflies! I believe that women can also be strong, independent, do anything they dream & be exactly who they are! THAT is fabulous & beautiful to me! 

I'm friendly but fairly shy; quiet & reserved, yet also sassy & playfully sarcastic in the right situations... if that makes ANY sense at all?! I prefer to write more personally as if I'm 'talking' to you & have a horrible habit of run on sentences. I use "...", "&" and emoji's all over the place! :D  Definitely have no ability to maintain a 'poker face' & get totally giddy when I KNOW I've got THE shot!

Outside of my photography world, I'm a wife to a wonderful hubby, Ken, and proud mama of 3 -Tyler (21), Lizzy (6) & Trey (5)... and let's not forget our sweet family pet/office mascot kitty, Lily (Princess Lily Pad). We currently reside in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina with dreams of expatting to Luxembourg for a few years; allowing the kiddos opportunity to experience & travel Europe! 

Having a great connection & being comfortable with each other can be a big factor in capturing the MOST fabulous images of you possible!! As a result, I have really cherished the friendships that have formed with my clients. I look forward to getting to know YOU!



NOLA GRACE BROWN, Assistant Extraordinaire

Nola Grace comes by her title descriptive quite naturally... she is Jen's right hand person! She's always anticipating what's needed next, knowing how we like things & being a proactive go-getter!

Nola Grace is kind & giving & yes, 'grace'ious! Pretty sure there isn't anyone that knows her that doesn't absolutely ADORE her! She instantly bonds with our clients and is a key part of our experience.

Nola Grace is currently a flourishing student at Meredith College here in Raleigh, where she is studying to become a physical therapist for dancers. She is an accomplished, Ceccheiti certified dancer herself, having danced since she was tiny! And oh no, that's not all... she is talented with pretty much everything she touches! She draws & paints to a degree that some have mistaken her work as photographs. You can even commision her to recreate your session portrait images into a hand drawn or painted piece! That artistic eye of hers is certainly appreciated in covering our behind the scenes videos for clients to treasure their session memories!

Nola Grace is studying abroad in Italy this semester but don't worry... she'll be back in May!


Denise has been with us since almost the very beginning! And she comes with quite the extensive & impressive resume! Everything from portrait photo shoots like she does with us to film, video, TV, internet projects & live events. She's even created her own make-up line!

Denise works with us both pre-session at her studio at 107 Edinburgh South Dr, Ste 145 (inside of Bella Tan) in Cary, NC or here with us on set for half & full day sessions. She uses airbrush when it works out to, loves nice clean looks for our Fab Grads and can go all out to quite elaborate stylized theme looks even in the moment!

Check out Denise's work with us HERE!

You can check out her website at


We got lucky & found our lovely Joanne in the fall of 2015 and have enjoyed working with her ever since! Her first session with us was actually Nola Grace's own Fab Grad Session, before we knew we'd all be working together! Joanne adores natural products and educating clients around better, healthier skincare. She also comes with a background in modeling herself, which brings an array of knowledge & experience to her work as well.

Joanne works with us on location for both pre-session looks, as well as half or full day session where she would stay with us throughout the session to keep you fresh, touched up and/or change up your looks!

Check out Joanne's work with us HERE!

You can check out her website at

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