50th Anniversary Celebration… Ray & Judy

A little change from my norm these days, I had the privilege of being asked to capture the memories of Ray & Judy’s 50th Anniversary celebration in August. My presence was a surprise from their guests for Judy, in particular, who loves & treasures photos (how awesome & thoughtful is that?!).

Ray & Judy had an absolutely gorgeous evening for family & friends to gather at the Angus Barn in Raleigh. Some local and many that traveled a good ways for this special occasion. They enjoyed drinks and laughter in the lounge before heading outside for some portraits and group image, then back inside for a fabulous dinner together. In the dining area, a board was on display that Judy had created… all sorts of photos sharing their memories over these years together! It was a special & delightful evening for sure!

They are so adorable, I confess that I even cry every time I watch their reveal video! Enjoy…


Happy Anniversary, Ray & Judy… may you have many, many more years of beautiful memories together!

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